Reporting a Repair

With our increasingly busy lifestyles it can often be difficult to call in repairs, and it may be easier to email.

So these emails don’t get missed with all our property enquiries, we have added this page to our website to streamline repairs for you and the landlord. We endeavour to get repairs completed swiftly.

When reporting a repair or a fault, please try to add as much information as possible to accurately describe the problem. Try to include the location, severity, makes and models of appliances, when it started, any photos you have and if it is urgent. Please include the property address in the subject field.

All work is authorised by the landlord and is prioritised in urgency.

The process for repairs is; once you as a tenant report a repair, we talk to the landlord to seek their approval. Once we have this, we instruct the relevant contractors to complete the work. The contractor will then contact you to make arrangements for a suitable time. Please give them time to contact you, as they are busy. You will be informed if there is no action for a repair.

Our contractors are vetted, checked and trusted. They are used to working in properties on their own. We carry out spot checks of their work for quality assurance. Feedback is always valuable to us positive or not to help us improve our service, so please do feel free to contact us as a first point of contact.

Below is some information to help you decide on the way forward.

Some repairs are stated in your tenancy agreement as a tenant responsibility so it is a good idea to be aware of this before reporting a repair.

Blocked drains:

We can instruct a contractor to attend to blocked drains, however if it is blocked due to items flushed down toilets or disposed of down sinks, it then becomes a tenant responsibility. If you try putting an unblocking agent down the area affected first this may cut down extra costs. Severn Trent manages the clearing of communal drainage channels.


Have a look carefully at your guttering as the first action is to have the guttering cleaned out, this should be carried out around once, to twice a year, weather dependant, usually when moss starts appearing on your path! If this doesn’t rectify any issues then it may be something the landlord needs to attend to.


This is a tricky issue, and can be more prevalent in the winter. At the first appearance of damp or mould please check the following.

Are you leaving extractor fans on even after showers and cooking? Are you hanging washing on dryers in rooms? Is there furniture blocking walls, limiting the air flow around the room? Is the property adequately ventilated? Are the curtains and blinds undrawn? Are windows and trickle vents open even in the winter?

If the property is being ventilated then we can send a contractor to diagnose the problem, quote for remedial work and send this to the landlord to seek approval.

Mould needs to be wiped away with a bleach based solution to kill the spores and painted over with a mould blocking paint. These can be bought locally.

If the mould is a result of poor ventilation and condensation it is a tenant responsibility to rectify this. If building work needs to be completed, it is the responsibility of the landlord.


Please report broken or fallen fences asap. We make checks that the fences are within the landlord’s boundary. Usual practice is to seek two quotes for fences and the landlord chooses who they wish to carry out the repair.


It is a tenant responsibility to change any bulbs which have blown in the property, this includes extractor hoods.

Smoke Alarms:

It is good practice to regularly test your smoke alarms. If they are not working or bleeping you need to change batteries. One these have been replaced, if the alarm is still not working please email us for a replacement on the address below.

 Please include the property address in the subject field.

 To report a repair please contact:

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