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Meet the Team

Sales and Lettings

Paul Cartwright

Paul Cartwright – Business Owner

Paul bought the Belvoir Franchise and started working from home in 1998. Experienced in all aspects of Residential Lettings he has also worked as a consultant training landlords and other agents in the industry.

Anne  Cartwright

Anne Cartwright – Business Owner

Has worked for Belvoir for 19 years during which time she has witnessed many changes in the industry. She loves spending time with her family and hates clearing up when they have gone.

Samantha Bateman

Samantha Bateman – Office Manager

Having worked for Belvoir for 13 years Samantha has witnessed a number of changes in the industry, all of which Belvoir have adopted and implemented without compromising on the great Customer Service Samantha and her team provide. She loves cake! ...and spending time with her family.

Helen Bennett

Helen Bennett – Sales and Lettings

I am a property professional with over 24 years’ experience in lettings, sales, property management, block management, marketing, accounts and administration 17 years later, I still work for Belvoir Portsmouth because there is still so much to learn. It isn’t enough to keep on top of the continuously changing legislation, you have to move with the times and develop new skills, it’s a brilliant challenge; I actually love my job There is nothing that can’t be achieved. If you’re prepared to invest the time, take on board new ideas and learn new skills you will have the support of the business. New ideas are always welcome. Moving forward I would like to see, as a franchise group – TV or internet advertisements or a national sponsorship. As an individual franchise - ultimately opening a 3rd branch. With the new software available I would like to see a sleeker, more interactive service. If I could change anything at all it would be to increase the number of franchises along the South Coast to boost local brand awareness

Darren Challis

Darren Challis – Sales and Lettings

My Name is Darren Challis I have been an agent now for over 30 years and during this time both the property market and the way we advertise has changed significantly. I have always believed in adapting and training, certainly more recently with online advertising and social media adaption has been more important than ever. I have always embraced change and I am always learning new skill and new ways to make our marketing stand out. I work for Belvoir because there are at the forefront of marketing and the brand has always been associated with quality, obviously originally in letting but now we are taking that brand quality and trust into sales. There are always ahead of the curve in training and compliance, I find this reassuring myself and feel this gives me confidence in my company and staff when I sell the company to the public. I believe Belvoir and indeed our Franchise are best place to handle anything the property market can throw at us and through hard work and quality marketing we will strive where others fail. I personally see a period of uncertainty over the next year and a shift in the business more towards quality names that can be trusted. I believe the trust and intertwined working environment will see Belvoir Sales and Lettings raising above all to become a major player in the market in all the areas not just my own. Darren has various qualifications including a NFoPP level 3 Technical award sale of residential property

Joseph  Salvia

Joseph Salvia – Trainee Negotiator

My name is Joseph Salvia and I have worked at Belvoir for nearly four months. I am 19 years old and am just starting out in Estate Agency - an area that some struggle to get into, but Belvoir chose to give me a chance and I couldn’t be happier than the company I’m with. I feel that I am getting all the help and training I need to start my career and become a successful estate agent – a goal which benefits both me and Belvoir. In the next year, I would like to have successfully completed my apprenticeship and have a full time job here. We also have big ambitions for our sales department and I would like to play a part in our future success.