5 Ways To Boost Your Home's Value

Everyone knows that making your home bigger will increase its value, but did you know that you don’t have to physically extend your home, you’ll be surprised what can be done using the property’s present footprint. With loft conversions, basement conversions or just reconfiguring the current layout, there’s extra square meters to be found.

1. Knocking Walls Down

The most popular way to add value to your home is by creating an open plan living/kitchen/dining room. This gives the home a more modern feel, and with everyone using their kitchen as the hub of the house, it makes entertaining easier. A good builder can ensure the job is done well and to the correct regulations, and before you know it your home will be the place to hold all the parties!

2. New Windows

New windows (and doors) can help keep your home warmer and give it a new updated look from the outside. Double glazing and even triple glazing (if you live in a noisy area) will improve the energy rating too. Adding big windows or roof lights can bring in much need light to darker areas of the house, and bi-fold or sliding doors can make a room look bigger.

3. Boiler Upgrade

Choosing an energy efficient boiler is cost effective and appealing to future buyers. A combi boiler is usually your best bet for a family home. However make sure you seek opinion from several plumbers, a new boiler isn’t always necessary – yours may just need a service and some TLC.

4. Off Road Parking

This can be one of the biggest selling points to a house, especially if parking comes at a premium in your area.

Turn the front of your property into a driveway and instantly more buyers will be attracted to your home. Always make sure to use a professional who adhere to the rules and regulations.

5. Convert or Build

Adding an annexe or garden room will attract buyers instantly as its added floor space, and gives extra room(s) for teenagers or guests. If you have a garage, this could be easily converted using a well trusted builder and team of professionals. Garden rooms are perfect for summer garden parties but remember these will need planning permission so be sure to check with your local council first.