The Future of Local Housing In Peterborough; A Meeting For Private Landlords</strong

Has there been a more important time for private landlords to work together than now to lobby local and central government?

So many changes in such a short period of time with many important issues still outstanding i.e.; direct payments of Local Housing Allowance and scope for local authorities to require planning permission for small Houses in Multiple Occupation occupied by 3 unrelated sharers.

There will be many private landlords wondering how these new rules and changes are going to effect there income. Terry Lucking the chair of the Peterborough branch of the National Landlord Association (NLA) has arranged a meeting for private landlords on Tuesday 30th November 2010 starting at 6.30pm in the Ramada Hotel Thorpe Meadows Peterborough. All private landlords with property in or around Peterborough are welcome to attend. The meeting is free and there are no obligations on anyone to join. Come and talk to experts in local housing from the NLA and Peterborough City Council to find out how the changes to benefits and other housing developments are going to affect you.

Please register at  or contact   mobile 07801 865780