Selling With Tenants In Situ; A Seller's Perspective

Belvoir Peterborough are a specialist in selling tenanted rental property. This process is often beneficial for the parties involved as the vendor doesn’t miss rental income  throughout the sale and the buyer purchases a ready-made investment.

In previous articles we have looked at the process of buying a rental property with tenants in situ. In the below article we interviewed a client about his experience as a vendor of a rental property.

GH: So you sold your property in Elena Road in December. What made you want to sell the property?

KB: I decided to sell for a few reasons; the fixed rate on the mortgage was coming to an end which meant that the repayments were going to go up by 75%. I knew Remortgaging was an option but I had seen some new apartments for sale in the city centre that I thought would make great investments so essentially I decided to sell the existing property to buy one of the apartments.

GH: What made you decide to sell the property tenanted?

KB: At the time of deciding to sell we were in the process of evicting the tenant as they had stopped paying rent. Once the property was vacant, I would be left paying the mortgage while the property was on the market, and would be losing money. Belvoir found a new tenant who was ready to move in, so that I could still receive rental income while the sale was going through.

GH: Was the sale affected in any way by the fact the property was tenanted?

KB: I think it was a positive thing that it was marketed as tenanted because it was then targeted at an investor market. I was lucky that the right buyer was found very quickly.

GH: How was the sales process overall?

KB: The sale was completed really quickly, the property went on the market on a Friday in November and there was an offer by the Monday. The sale took just four weeks to complete and I was really pleased by the work done by the Belvoir Sales team.

GH: Were there any problems during the sale?

KB: when the tenant had been evicted, the property was in need of some redecoration so the buyers asked for the price to be reduced by £1,000.

GH: Overall would you say it was a good experience and would you recommend selling tenanted property to other investors?

KB: I think it’s especially beneficial for landlords who are on a buy to let mortgage because you still receive rent to cover the mortgage repayments throughout the sale process.

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