Nigel Havers BBC Watchdog Unregulated Lettings Agents 15th May 2013

Terry Lucking of Belvoir Peterborough endorses Nigel Havers advice for all tenants to only use regulated letting agency. Havers said that;

“his experience made him realise that the lettings industry is unregulated, with anyone being able to set up as a letting agent without experience or qualifications.

He also found that membership of a redress scheme is – “for the time being – purely voluntary.”

See Nigel Havers talk to BBC Watchdog about his money losing experience. A really useful section for consumers can be found on the BBC website How to Protect Yourself from Cowboy letting agents

Terry has been campaigning for mandatory regulation of letting agents and has several items on his blog relating to this:

  • How To Avoid A Rogue Letting Agent
  • Should Letting Agent Fees Be Regulated
  • Why Choose A “SAFE” Lettings Agent

He believes any agent who is not voluntarily regulated must have something they don’t want to disclose or just won’t qualify.

To contact Terry Lucking please call 01733 321500 or via email