How to Choose an Estate Agent in Peterborough

Searching for an estate agent in Peterborough? Knowing what qualities to look for in an agent – before you begin your search – will help to ensure your sale is smooth, successful and stress-free.

It’s no overstatement to say that your choice of estate agent in Peterborough can make or break your sales experience. Here are five reasons you may want to consider working with Belvoir Peterborough.

1. We have an exceptional understanding of the local market

First things first. As far as we know, we are the only estate agent in Peterborough that extensively covers the entire region – from PE1 to PE10. That gives us an exceptional understanding of the nuances of the local market. We know how to accentuate the defining characteristics of each different location to increase the perceived value of your property. We know how to market your house in a way that resonates with the right buyers. We know how to move your sale efficiently through the crucial conveyancing process. We’re experts.

2. We come with a great reputation   

The fact that we cover such an expansive area, combined with our in-depth market knowledge, means we have a superb reputation as an estate agent. (Just read some of our recent reviews.) That’s crucial in an industry where there are no formal accreditations or qualifications required to set up shop. It also means that we have a huge range of potential buyers monitoring our property listings. That increases the chances that your home will spark interest the moment we begin advertising it.

3. We have a track record of successful sales

If you want to sell your house at the right price, within the right timeframe, it can help to choose an estate agent in Peterborough that has a demonstrable track record of selling properties that are similar to yours – whether in size, value, location or layout. The fact that we cover so much territory here at Belvoir Peterborough means we have efficiently sold a huge range of different properties: from stylish flats in the centre of Peterborough to charming rural retreats in villages like Oundle, Haddon and Wansford. We understand the sales process from the higher market right down to starter homes. You get the same level of care, attention and service regardless.

4. We flex to help you achieve your ambitions   

Why are you selling your house? It’s the first question we ask each of our clients during a free valuation and market appraisal. Perhaps you want a fast sale because you are moving areas for work. Or maybe you are giving up a family home that holds huge sentimental value and you want to sell to the right type of buyer. Our job is to help you achieve your desired outcome in the most efficient way possible – and we offer lots of flexibility and expertise to help make it happen.

Not all estate agents can say the same. Some can be quite insistent on doing things their way. For example if they have certain quarterly quotas to hit they may apply pressure on you to lower your asking price. Selling your property is one of the biggest transactions you will ever be involved in – both emotionally and financially. That’s why we believe in promising you openness, clarity and the flexibility to help you do things your way.

5. We provide an end-to-end service  

Being personally accountable and responsible for our clients is important to us. Accountability for our clients inspires good, honest service. That’s why we maintain control of each stage of the sales process. Some estate agents outsource certain responsibilities such as marketing your property, taking room measurements and even conducting viewings. We prefer to use our own in-house experts.

Each client also receives direct access to an in-house property expert who is personally involved in the sales process. That’s much better than having to go through outsourced call centres just to talk to someone whose knowledge about you and your property is limited.

What next?

When you are searching for an estate agent in Peterborough, it’s best to do your research and draw up a shortlist. We would love to be part of that shortlist. If you would like to know more you can call us to arrange a free property valuation and market consultation. Don’t worry, there are no strings attached and there’s zero obligation to use our services after we have had a conversation about your property. But hopefully our advice may help you reach some conclusions about what you’d like to achieve from your sale. Let’s go.

Lottie Hostead
Sales Manager
01733 511099

This blog is written by Lottie, Lottie Hostead is Belvoir Peterborough’s Property Sales Manager. Born and raised here she is both a property expert with 10 years experience selling homes in Peterborough and a genuine local. If you’re thinking of selling your home here then give her a call for a free no-obligation valuation.