Easy New Build Snags Everyone Can Check For

If you’re in the process or buying a new build property or you’ve just moved in, do you know what to look for?

What is snagging?

“Snagging” is a necessary process of identifying defects with a new build property which can cover both construction and decorative elements.

Why do I need to check for “snags”?

Buyers often ask whether they need a survey when buying a new build home, mainly because checks are carried out preemptively by building inspectors and the house-builder themselves, but that’s not to say things can’t still be missed.

It is technically your responsibility as a buyer to comprise a snagging list of anything you are unhappy with. The house-builder then has a duty of care to ensure the property is up to standard in line with their warranty. If you are a first-time buyer or not confident in your knowledge of what the look for, you can hire a professional surveyor to check over the property on your behalf.

Snags you can easily check for:

Walls and ceilings:

  • Are the walls smooth, even and been painted properly with no drips or streaks?
  • Are there any noticeable cracks larger than a 10 pence piece in thickness?
  • Are the walls straight?


  • Do they function properly – do they open and close as they should?
  • Are there any cracks on the frame or glass?
  • If they have locks – do they work?
  • Do they have trickle vents – if so, do they open and close as they should?


  • If there is no flooring present – are there any cracks in the screed?
  • Is it smooth and even?
  • If flooring has already been installed – is it secure?


  • Do they function properly – do they open and close as they should?
  • If they have locks – do they work?
  • Have the exterior doors been properly draught proofed?
  • Do they hang straight and close fully?

Fixtures and fittings:

  • Do all the lights work and switches correlate correctly?
  • Are the lights fitted properly with no wires showing?
  • Do all the taps work including the shower and bath?
  • Do the toilets flush properly?
  • Do all the electrical sockets work?
  • Are there smoke and carbon monoxide alarms (if neeeded)? Do they work?
  • Do the extractor fans work?
  • Do all the appliances work and have they been connected properly?
  • Are any of the cupboards and cabinets damaged or not fitted correctly?
  • Are the radiators functional and fitted properly with no leaks?
  • Have you received all the user manuals and safety certificates?

For more information about your new build or if you are looking to buy one, speak to our New Homes Site Sales Executive, Eloise Hill at Belvoir Peterborough on 01733 321500 or alternatively eloise.hill@belvoir.co.uk.