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How do you Maximise Rental Income in Peterborough?

Are you a landlord looking for strategies to maximise your rental income in Peterborough?

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Which is the Best Letting Agent: Local or National?

You want to find the best letting agent to manage your property. But should you aim for a local agent, a nationwide outfit or something else entirely?

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How to Choose an Estate Agent in Peterborough

Searching for an estate agent in Peterborough?

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Should you use an Online Estate Agent?

Online estate agents have become increasingly popular.

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Lottie's Guide to Peterborough: Living in Glinton

What can you expect from living in Glinton?

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7 Reasons it's a Fantastic Time to Live in Peterborough

It's a city on the up: but what's it really like to live in Peterborough?

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How a Help to Buy Loan Makes Buying a House More Affordable

Here's everything you need to know about the Help to Buy equity loan.

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Help to Buy ISA is no-brainer for Generation Rent

Save with the Help to Buy ISA and get up to £3,000 for free

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Affordable Home Ownership Schemes to Help you onto the Property Ladder

Saving to buy a house in the UK can be daunting, but there are some fabulous home ownership schemes that can reduce the financial burden.

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How the Shared Ownership Scheme Helps Millions onto the Property Ladder

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Who's really selling your property in Peterborough?

Selling your property in Peterborough: your choice of estate agent is key

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Lottie's Guide to Peterborough: Living in Yaxley

So what can you expect from living in Yaxley?

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