Belvoir Peterborough encourages savers to consider investing in property as interest rates remain low

With announcements in the news about some economic growth, falling unemployment and a rise in house prices there is growing confidence in the property market. We are also seeing more Buy to Let mortgages becoming available, as well as residential mortgages. Interest rates are still low and the Bank of England have announced they are going to try and keep it that way to encourage further growth. If you have been thinking about investing in property, then this is a good time as many of us are seeing very poor interest on our savings.

Invest in Peterborough

If you have money in the bank that you want to see make a better return, then a good option could be investing in a property. With a 25% deposit and money to cover the legal costs, you could be earning over 6% on your capital employed, well over what many of us may be earning in our bank accounts. With heavy investment in Peterborough as a City, and its excellent road and train links, a high demand for rental, with prices more affordable than the likes of Cambridge for example, Peterborough is an ideal place to invest.

Belvoir Peterborough have helped many seasoned and novice landlords select and purchase Buy to let properties, and have recognised that investors are looking for more specific information when they are looking to purchase, and likewise, when looking to sell a property (with or without a tenant in situ) they want a sale to be achieved at the best price and with the shortest void in income. As such, we provide a service tailored to those needs, and offer a personal and professional service to guide you through the process from start to finish, whether you are buying or selling.

Buy to Let Advice

If you would like more advice about purchasing a Buy to Let property, Terry Lucking, the Owner of Belvoir Lettings Peterborough has vast experience and is happy to offer Buy to let advice.

Finding a property

Register with Lottie or Alexandra in the Sales team to find a property.

Selling your property

Contact us on 01733 511099 to arrange a no obligation valuation of your property, or portfolio, and find out more about our service tailored to you.