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York Branch - Rent Guarantee

Giving Landlords peace of mind and security

When tenants can't pay or won't pay, you are protected from arrears and tenancy breaches.

What does our Rent Guarantee cover?

  • Full rent protection of the full monthly rent for up to 4 tenants on a Tenancy Agreement
  • Nil excess, rent is paid from point of first arrears
  • Rent paid until vacant possession is obtained, no time limit, regardless of duration of fixed term tenancy
  • Legal costs to obtain possession of the house for rent arrears
  • Total claims limit of £50,000
  • Covers breaches of tenancy in respect of rent arrears and expired Section 21 notices
  • Cover available for 12 months and covers change of tenants (subject to suitable references)

We believe our Rent Guarantee is absolutely fabulous for two main reasons:

  1. There is no excess and your payment is backdated to the first arrears. In practice, within 15 days of the missed payment, Belvoir York will inform the insurers and they will pay over the claim in typically 3 - 5 working days. No other agent protects you from the first month of arrears.
  2. Evictions proceedings typically cost up to £1000 through the courts (court fees and legal costs). With our Rent Guarantee, the scheme will cover all those legal costs to obtain possession of the house.

It isn't free to get this level of protection, but for a cost of only £180 per annum, many of our Belvoir landlords have taken out our guarantee. They are resting in the knowledge that if the tenant can't or won't pay, they will be able to gain some income under the guarantee to, for example, make their mortgage payments. Courts take 4-6 months to evict tenants. Would a bank wait that long to repossess a house for missed mortgage payments?