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Yardley Branch - Sellers


Top Five Tips for sellers

1.       Kerb appeal. Buyers will form their first impressions as soon as they turn up outside, make sure the front of the property is kept clean and tidy, driveway/path swept, bushes/grass trimmed, and the front door is clean or even freshly painted.

2.       Clean and tidy. A good spring clean before you put the property on the market to get into all those places that sometimes get forgotten and before each viewing will have a positive impact during viewings, this will make the rooms feel fresh and buyers will spend longer looking around them. Kitchens are bathroom are the most important rooms, so make sure the floors, worktops, silicone seals are all clean and fresh.

3.       Repairs. Got a misted up double glazed window or a broken tile in the bathroom? Get it fixed as buyers will focus on this and may lead to a lower offer.

4.       De-clutter. Making sure that all rooms are cleared of any unnecessary clutter is a smart idea, it will give the impression of an organised and calm environment, but don’t make it look bear.

5.       Refresh and neutral. Ok this is a big one and may take a week or two, however it will all be worth it in the end. Keep the walls plain and neutral white or magnolia is normally best, this way the buyer can plan to putt their own stamp on the house without having to look past yours first.


Quick and simple sales process guide

1.       Get house valued

2.       Decided on the agent you want to use

3.       Get on line (agent will do this)

4.       Start having viewings

5.       Make sure feedback is given after viewing

6.       Receiving offers

7.       Start looking at properties to purchase

8.       Agreeing a sale (agent to make sure all documents are in place and chain is complete)

9.       Instructing a solicitor and sending out memorandums of sale

10.   Advertising the property sold subject to contract

11.   Pay for searches

12.   Start packing

13.   Negotiate your way through the legal process with help form the agent and solicitor

14.   Finish packing

15.   Exchange contracts

16.   Organise removals

17.   Complete

18.   Pay estate agents and solicitors