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Yardley | Landlord Fees

Set Up Fee:

£180 (includes VAT)


  • Market and advertise the property
  • Erect board outside the property
  • Arrange and carry out viewings (As appropriate)
  • Agree the market rent and find a tenant

Tenant Find Only: £360 (includes VAT) + Set up Fee


  • Collect and remit first months rent
  • Agree collection of any shortfall and payment method
  • Provide Tenant with method of payment
  • Deduct any pre-tenancy invoices
  • Make any HMRC deduction and provide tenant with NRL8(if relevant)
  • Referencing of the tenants
  • Drawing up the tenancy agreement

Fully Managed: 9.6% (Includes VAT) + Set up Fee


  • Collect and remit the monthly rent
  • Pursue any non payment of rent and provide advice on arrears
  • Advise all relevant utility providers of changes
  • Arrange routine and emergency repairs where required
  • Carry out routine inspections
  • Provide guidance on compliance with statutory provisions
  • Hold keys throughout tenancy term
  • Bonding and holding the security deposit

Additional Charges:

  • Bonding and holding the security deposit (tenant find only): £60 (including VAT)
  • Renewal Fee (Renewing or amending tenancy agreement): £60 (including VAT)
  • Prepare and serve relevant notices requiring possession: £120(including VAT)
  • Court Attendance and travel (per hour or part thereof): £60 (including VAT)
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