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Whats been happening in Wolverhampton

Summer 2019


St Johns School Fate


What an amazing day, the weather was excellent the buntin was out and children and parents alike came from Essington Village, Wednesfield, Featherstone, Ashmore Park, Westcroft and Bloxwich to bounce on the castle, or have a cake and a coffee it was an absolutely fantastic day.


Wednesfield in Bloom


It was lovely too see in Wednesfield the brass band playing on Sunday just outside of Sainsbury’s in Bentley Bridge. Residents of Wednesfield, East Park, Wolverhampton and Bushbury were all their listening and the place was looking very colourful thanks to the hard-working volunteers of Wednesfield in Bloom.


Sandra’s School of Dance


It was very exciting to see one of our own in the Sandra’s School of Dance performance presented at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre on Sunday. Heidi was in the Adult Tap and her daughter was also performing, what a fantastic evening with family friends and relatives, the theatre was very full indeed, there were people from all over Wolverhampton including Codsall, Perton, Featherstone, Penn, Billbrook, Essington and Wednesfield.

Sandra’s School of Dance lessons are taken place at Sneyd School New Invention not too far from Willenhall, they have a variety of dance whether it be Tap and Ballet there were people from the age of 4 to 40 and they all put on a brilliant show, who knows now it’s the Grand Theatre next Britons got Talent.  


Tettenhall Summer Fate

It is Summer Fates all round and this Sunday we will be walking round the one in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, located in Tettenhall Village where there are two lovely paddling pools, the stalls will be up and hopefully the tea shops will be open so everyone from the local arears; Tettenhall, Perton, Codsall, Billbrook,  Claregate, Compton, Finchfield, and Castlecroft can enjoy a cuppa and toasted tea cake.