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Maintenance Guidelines

Your landlord's responsibilities include: the structure and exterior of the building, including the walls, stairs and bannisters, roof, external doors and windows.

See below our quick guide to your responsibilities as a Tenant


Repairs & Maintenance Guidance

Belvoir Telford will keep in repair the structure and exterior of your home.  We will keep in repair and working order the installations for room heating, water heating and sanitation and for the supply of water, gas and electricity.


We will arrange for repairs of integrated (built in) appliances such as the hob, cooker, extractor hood, washing machine, dishwasher, fridges and freezers as long as the repair is not down to tenant damage or neglect. 

In many cases appliances are under warranty, we may ask you to call the manufacturer to make arrangements for an engineer to visit – You are more aware of your schedules and can facilitate the engineer quicker.

Goodwill Items

Goodwill appliances such as washing machines etc are items left at the property for tenants to use.

  • Landlords are NOT responsible for replacement or repairs of these items. However, some landlords may choose to do so.
  • In the event that a goodwill item breaks down please call the office so that we can clarify your landlord’s position.
  • As above, goodwill items maybe under warranty or under a warranty plan, paid for by your landlord.

Damage or Neglect

If the repair is necessary because of damage to or neglect, by you or members of your household or visitors the responsibility to replace or repair lies with tenant.

We will not cover repairs for user error or failure to maintain items as per manufacturer’s instructions. If a user manual has not been left at the property, you can usually download this from the internet. If you’re having problems locating please contact the office with the Make, Model and Serial number of the appliance for assistance. If an engineer visits the property and the repair is due to user error or failure to maintain as per the manufacturer’s instructions you will be invoiced for the call out rate that the engineer or manufacturer charge your Landlord, this cost will not be negotiable.

Pests & Infestation

Belvoir or Landlords are not responsible for infestations, including infestations of rodents and insects, unless the issue exists prior to your tenancy starting. We can recommend you call Nick from Primary Pest Control 07949 063428 who is the Belvoir preferred contractor.

If the infestation seems to be coming from neighbours property try talking to them, if the problem is not resolved you can call 01952 380000 and ask for the environmental department as they will be able to assist in the matter.

Doors & Windows Forced Entry

Where the property has forced entry due to police or authorities the tenant will be responsible for replacement and/or repair. The tenant will also be responsible for ensuring the Landlords property is secure and safe and replacement / repairs are like for like replacement.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains caused by wipes, foreign objects and excessive amounts of tissue or fat being put down are the responsibility of the tenant. Please call Dyno Rod or Wrekin Drains in the first instance. If damage is caused to the property due to blocked drains due to tenant neglect the tenant will be responsible for repairs or replacement.

Emergency repairs

If there is an emergency it is important you call us immediately to report the problem.  You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on 01952 258562

In the event that you smell gas at your property – you should

IMMEDIATELY CALL; National Grid Gas Emergencies (Formally Transco Gas) – 0800 111 999 (This is a 24 hour emergency line)

National Grid Gas Emergencies will not carry out repairs, they will just ensure that there is no danger from leaking gas. The engineer would usually disconnect the gas supply to your property and advise you to call your Landlord, to request a Gas Engineer to attend. You should then call Belvoir Telford and we will arrange this.

Emergencies may include:

Loss of mains water or complete loss of power

Ensure that the problem is limited to the property, check with neighbours to see if they have the same issue as you. If this is the case contact your provider and check for service updates online.

Belvoir or your Landlord cannot assist with geographic outages but your supplier can.

Burst plumbing or water flow that cannot be stopped by turning off the water

When moving into your home please ensure that you locate the water stop cock, usually located under the sink in the kitchen. Failure to stop any leaks may result in further damage caused, which you may be held responsible for.

No heating or hot water (if between 31st October – 31st March and if no secondary heating is present).

When calling the office please ensure you have the following information:

  • Type of heating you have Gas or Electric
  • Make and model of the heating appliance
  • Any error codes that are displayed
  • Have use of an electric shower
  • Have additional heaters in the property
  • Vulnerable persons in the property so that we can prioritise your call

Unsafe or broken doors and windows

Restrict access to the immediate are and call Belvoir

Collapsed Ceilings

Restrict access to the immediate area and call Belvoir

Reporting a Repair

We always prioritise tenants with emergency repairs because if these are left unchecked they may cause instant damage to the home or even worse, pose a risk to our tenant’s safety. 

In the event that you require a repair which is deemed to be your responsibility, the cost of which will be invoiced to you.  You should ring the Belvoir Telford Office for advice, before making a decision on whether to carry out the works yourself. We can provide you with a list of preferred and trusted contractors.

To report a repair (Emergency or a repair which is your responsibility but you would like Belvoir Telford to address at your expense) during normal working hours please contact us:

The Belvoir Office, is located at:

Suite 2.12 Grosvenor House, Central Park, Telford. TF2 9TW

Office Opening hours are: Monday to Friday – 9am to 5.30pm & Saturday 9am – 1.30pm
Telephone: 01952 258562  Email: telford@belvoir.co.uk


IMPORTANT – Opening Times & Out of HOURS

After 5.30pm Mon – Fri and 1.30pm on a Saturday, Sunday and during Bank Holidays you should call the Belvoir office on 01952 258562 to report an EMERGENCY REPAIR ONLY.

Please be patient as our after-hours service will relay your call to our out of hours ON DUTY manager who will call you back on the number you provide.

Please be aware that we will only try to contact you THREE (3) times after your initial call, where we have the facility to leave a message we will do and our representative will wait for your response. If you do not respond within 2 hours we will downgrade your call which will be dealt with during office hours the next working day.

The Belvoir ON DUTY Manager will ask questions to determine whether the repair is indeed an Emergency, so please give as much information as possible. If one of our contractors attends the property and it is found that the issue was not deemed an Emergency then you will be responsible for any Emergency out of hours call out charges.

For example, if you had some burst plumbing, at 5pm on a Saturday, you should ring the Belvoir Telford office.  The advisor will log a call with our repairs contractor. The operative should be with you, within two hours, as we deem this to require an emergency response.  The contractor will work to stop the emergency, and should only leave your property when the emergency is deemed to be removed.

We will then contact you on the next working day.  We will ask you some questions –

  • What time did the operative arrive?
  • Are there any further works required ( in the case of burst plumbing there may be some decorative works required)
  • Are you happy that the repair was dealt with competently and efficiently? 

If (as in the example), the property requires some decorative works, we will discuss with you, to arrange an appointment to carry out the works.

Tenant Repair Responsibilities

Tenants are responsible for the following repairs;

  • Oil and keep free from rust/dirt, hinges and fasteners of metal and UPVC frames
  • Clean condensation and pooling water from windows and seals to prevent mould growth.
  • Clean and wipe pooling water around bath and shower seals to prevent them breaking down and mould forming
  • Adequately ventilate and make use of extractor fans to prevent condensation and mould in the property
  • Replace all lightbulbs in the property
  • Clean all filters in washing machines and tumble dryers

The above list is not exhaustive, please refer to your tenancy agreement for further clarification. In addition to these items a tenant would also be charged for damage which was caused deliberately by them or someone in their household or a visitor or friend, or if the damage was due to neglect. 

Contractor Appointments

Belvoir contractors attend to issues usually between 8am – 6pm. Unless arranged prior direct with the contractor, appointments will not be made for evenings and weekends, these hours are reserved for Emergencies Only It is your responsibility to make reasonable steps to allow our contractors access to maintain and repair your Landlords property.

Failed Appointments where the contractor could not gain access to make a repair, may result in the contractors call out charge being invoiced to you.

Cancellation of maintenance and inspection appointments MUST be made 24 hours prior to the agreed time, failure to do so may result in a late cancellation charge being applied to you.