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Tenancy Application | Stirling

Application Process

click to download tenant application form.

click to download guarantor application form.

When you have viewed a property and decided you would like to rent it there is a process we need to go through to satisfy the landlord that the tenants are suitable for renting the property.

The steps are listed below have been put together to help make your property move as smooth as possible.

  1. Complete an application form making sure all sections are complete, incomplete forms can delay or cause you to lose out on the property
  2. Return the completed application form along with the relevant documentation which consists of photographic id such as a passport or drivers licence, proof of current address such as utility bill (not mobile) and proof of income such as last 3 months wage slips or bank statements. Due to anti money laundering legislation and fraud prevention we are unable to process an application without the correct documentation. Overseas students must provide a current visa.
  3. If you as an applicant require a guarantor they must complete the same application form and provide the same documentation as the tenant, Any incomplete sections or missing documentation will prevent the application proceeding.
  4. Some landlords have restrictions on letting to tenants with pets, tenants who are students or in receipt of benefits. Please make sure you inform us of any circumstances which may affect the landlords decision to rent the property
  5. Let your employer know that a referencing company will be in touch with them to verify the information you have provided on the application form. Failure to inform your employer can result in difficulties during the referencing process.
  6. When the referencing is complete we will ask you to provide proof that you have tenants liability insurance in place. We can assist with this if required. Most tenants take out liability insurance and contents (tenants) insurance as the one policy.
  7. The next stage is agreeing the move in date, we will produce the letting agreement which we require to be signed.
  8. As a condition of our application process we do require that you have tenants liability insurance. Most tenants couple this product with tenants contents insurance to cover their own belongings. We have pasted a link below where you can purchase the contents insurance, We need to see proof you have this policy in place before we can issue keys.
  9. On the day of your move in keys will be collected from the office along with the final pieces of documentation. Please note that the first months rent and security deposit must be paid in full prior to coming to collect keys. Our terms of business with our landlords prevents us from issuing keys before funds due have been paid.