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Section 21

Now you’re looking at this page because you have an issue with your tenant and you need to secure a possession order using a Section 21 notice form. Letting Agents Wolverhampton can help you by using our totally free section 21 notice for you to download – The Section 21 form is completely free, no catch! Alternatively, if you are unsure or not confident about starting the application yourself, then just contact your local letting experts on 01902 719888


Free Downloadable Legal Documents


The starting point to completing a section 21 notice form will be the tenancy agreement that you will have issued. Ideally, you will have issued an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement. The provision of an AST will be referred to when completing the free section 21 notice that we have provided for you. Remember that the issuing of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) provides the tenant with no security of tenure and therefore it will be much easier and hopefully straightforward for you to regain possession of the property.


Before completing our free section 21 notice form – If you are a landlord with property in Bilston, Willenhall or Wednesfield then our Letting Agents Wolverhampton experts are positioned to offer you some free help. Contact them first on


Need help with completing a Section 21 for FREE? – Call your local experts on 01902 719888


You will need to be mindful that a Section 21 form should not be used for rent arrears, if you are attempting to recover rent arrears and also obtain a possession order for the property then you will need to complete a section 8 of the Housing Act (1988). Our section 21 is free to download but please take care with the completion and double check the content before submission. One small error can cause considerable delays and of course create unnecessary cost.


Section 21 notice form

Section 21 form

Free section 21 notice

Section 21 form


A Section 21 form can be used once the initial fixed term of the tenancy has expired. The tenancy can be terminated by providing a tenant with not less than 2 months written notice. Your will need complete the free section 21 notice and then serve the completed document to the tenant. On completing the section 21 you do not have to state any specific reason why you are taking the property back. In short it allows you, the landlord, to be evicting a tenant to take back possession of the property.


Free section 21 notice


We hope that you find our free Section 21 form informative but don’t forget that if your property is within the Tettenhall, Perton or Codsall area then Letting Agents Wolverhampton can offer you a FREE service to help you with your tenant eviction. Some final points to remember are that in order to issue a section 21 notice form you will need to have issued your tenant with a written Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) and also have placed their deposit in a deposit protection scheme (If the tenancy started after April 2007) Fixed-term tenants can’t be evicted until their tenancy ends. If the fixed term has expired the notice must end on the last day of the rental period.


Need help with a problem tenancy? – Call you fanatical experts at Letting Agents Wolverhampton on 01902 719888


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