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What fees can I expect to pay if I rent a property with Belvoir!


When you have decided to apply for a property, Belvoir will provide you with a Tenancy Application form. This form helps explain the next stages of your application and the fees due before you sign your Tenancy Agreement. It also explains any fees which may become payable during the tenancy. For your information in the majority of cases Belvoir will protect your security deposit with the DPS, a tenancy deposit protection scheme. This is subject to your landlord's terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about our fees please just ask the branch staff.

Below is a list of our current fee scales.

All fees are non-refundable, however, if the application passes the credit & referencing checks and the landlord declines to proceed, a full refund will be made.

                                       Tenant Fee          VAT          Total Fee

Single Occupant            £158.33              £31.67        £190

Two Occupants              £241.67              £48.33       £290

Additional fees which may be applicable to some tenants... 

                                        Tenant Fee          VAT          Total Fee

Additonal Occupants       £62.50             £12.50         £75

Permitted Occupier          £62.50            £12.50         £75

Guarantor Fee                   £70.83             £14.17          £85

Contract Renewal Fee     £62.50             £12.50         £75       

 Company Let Fee            £250                  £46            £300

What is the administration fee?

The administration fee includes the cost of referencing — which will cover checking your credit status, previous employer, current and/or past landlords, and taking into account any other information to help assess the affordability of your tenancy application. The fee also includes providing a Tenancy Agreement, protecting your security deposit with the DPS scheme, taking the utility meter readings and notifying the utility companies of your commencement of tenancy (Gas, Electric & Water). The local Council is also informed (Council Tax).

When do I pay the administration fee?

After a viewing and when you have decided to apply for the property. We will provide you with a Tenancy Application form (online via email or hardcopy) which lists the services we provide and the fees that are payable. You will then be asked for your administration fee, including any additional fees that may be applicable to you, for example a guarantor fee. If you are certain that you wish to proceed with an application, it is highly advised that you pay the administration fees as soon as possible in-order to provisionally secure the property (pending completion of satisfactory credit & referencing checks) in-order to avoid disappointment. You have up to approximately 1 week to complete the application forms and submit to our office (online, email method also acceptable). 1 Proof of photo-Id and 2 proofs of address documents per adult occupant will be required to be seen in-person by a member of Belvoir staff. Your rental payment, security deposit payment and any other charges pre-agreed will become due no later than the day prior to signing your tenancy agreement (received in our client rental account, in cleared funds).

What other fees may be payable before I can move into the property of my choice?

Additional Person

This covers the cost of processing the application and associated paperwork for any additional applicants.


Depending on the outcome from your application from the referencing company, your earnings or overall financial position may require you to provide a Guarantor. This is not uncommon, and means you have someone on your behalf that undergoes credit referencing – to ensure they have sufficient earnings to cover the overall rent commitments in the event that you, as the tenant, are unable to pay your rent. This fee is payable in respect of each Guarantor to cover aditional credit check and referencing costs.

Permitted Occupier

This is a person aged 18 years and over, who will not be permanently residing at the rented property and/or is not obligated to pay any portion of the property monthly rent. This only applies in very specific situations and then only with the landlords consent.

During the tenancy, we offer these additional services:

Amendment fee

May be applicable if a change to the tenancy is required mid-term. This may be due to a change in personal circumstances and / or a request to leave the tenancy early is agreed prior to the end of the tenancy agreement (this is subject to Landlord consent).

Extension fee

This is the cost of preparing a new Tenancy Agreement and negotiating with your landlord for a further fixed term tenancy. Extending your tenancy, if agreed by your landlord, gives an assurance of staying in the property for a further fixed period, and avoids the uncertainty of a landlord serving notice at any given time.

Tenancy Sign-up/Move-In

Move-ins are conducted in our office during opening hours of Monday to Saturday. If you wish to move-in on a Sunday, there will be a charge of £10 (inc VAT).

 Additional Fees (inclusive of vat at 20%):

 Return of Rent/non-cancellation of standing-order: £25

Card payments -          Credit Card: 2.5%          Debit Card: £1

 Cash Handling Fees - Admin Fees: £10       Rent/Deposit: £20 

 Late rent Payments -          £5 per day

Breach of Tenancy Letter - £12

Sunday Tenancy Signup  - £10

Pet Disclaimer Licence    -  £50             

Contractor or Belvoir agent, non-access to a property penalty (where a date & time has been pre-arranged between the tenant and contractor or Belvoir) -                           £25