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Instant Valuation

Renting out a house and need to know its value? – Great! Simply contact one of our lettings experts and leave the rest to us. Our letting experts can manage the entire process for you, applying our robust systems and ensuring you are covered with the legal compliance associated with renting out your house. So if you need help with how to rent out your house – call your local letting experts at Lettings Agents Wolverhampton on 01902 719888


What is your rental valuation?


It would be naive for anyone to claim that being a landlord is easy. When considering how to rent out your house there is no escaping the work involved and most certainly from the outset, landlords find that ‘getting started’ is the busiest and most stressful period.


Need help with renting out your house?  – Call your local experts at Letting Agents Wolverhampton on 01902 719888.


There’s no getting away from it, being a landlord involves a lot of work. The first stages of letting a property are commonly the busiest and potentially the most stressful. There is, of course, an abundance of legislation associated with renting out your house and then we have the added complication of finding good quality and referenced tenants. To help with renting out a house to tenants we have provided a checklist below:


Renting out a house

Renting out your house

How to rent out your house

Renting out your house


The property itself


Is the property in good condition? – Both the inside, outside and fixtures and fittings should be in good condition; structurally and aesthetically.


Is the garden in good condition? – Prospective tenants may dismiss a property immediately if the garden is poorly kept.


Are you renting it furnished or unfurnished? – If renting furnished, does your furniture conform to the legal fire resistant standard?


Does everything work? – Have your electrical appliances undergone a Portable Appliance Test (PAT)?


Is there a burglar alarm and does it work?


Your legal responsibilities


Do you have a current gas safety certificate?

Do you have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?


Have you installed a smoke alarm on every floor of your property and do they work?


Have you installed a carbon monoxide alarm in all rooms used as living accommodation where solid fuel is used?


Have you checked your tenant’s right to rent?


Have you given your tenant a copy of the Government’s “How to rent” information booklet?


Have you protected the tenant’s deposit with a government approved tenancy deposit protection scheme?


How to rent out your house


Knowing how to rent out your house at a glance can appear simple but when you mix the dynamics of lettings legislation and then fuel it with potentially difficult tenants, you then have a cocktail that would give any landlord a horrendous hangover. The great news for landlords with property within Tettenhall, Willenhall or Bilston is that you have local experts on hand offering free help and advice – Call Belvoir Letting Agents Wolverhampton on 01902 719888


Looking for a FREE rental valuation? – Call your local experts at Belvoir Letting Agents Wolverhampton on 01902 719888.


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