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Ilford Branch | Landlord Fees

Landlord Fees

SCALE OF CHARGES (all prices listed below are inclusive of VAT charged at 20%)


Landlord Set Up charge: Nil.

Tenant Find: 7% of the value of the contract to be paid primarily from the first month’s rent. For the avoidance of doubt the charge is calculated on the annual rent figure achieved.

Full Management: 10% collected monthly. This is in addition to the Tenant Find charge.

For the initial tenancy the cost of the tenant find fee and management fee will combined and deducted each month from the rent collected for the term of 12 months. If for any reason the management is agreement is terminated prior to the end of the 12 months period by the landlord, the total amount of combined fees outstanding will be come due for payment by the end of the 90 days notice period

Other Charges

Inventory preparation fee: from £120 - £300 depending on the size of the property. This service is optional.

Professional hourly rate £54 per hour

Re-signing fee: £354 payable where Belvoir arranges a renewal of the tenancy to an existing tenant, regardless of the length of the renewal period and irrespective of the nature of that renewal, whether it be a ‘periodic’ tenancy or another ‘fixed term’.

Void management fee: £50.00 per week payable four weekly in advance of requirement

Introduction of purchaser fee: 1.5% of the final sale price

Post Letting Service

(Inclusive with our “Full Management” service)

Tenant move out: £60

Inventory Check (Including damage report): £60

All prices subject to change after two months’ written notice


Where the Full Management or Letting and Rent Collection service is cancelled during the tenancy (including any extensions) notice of ninety (90) days must be given to Belvoir - in writing - on the due date of the rent.

All prices subject to change at 2 months’ notice.