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Hemel Hempstead | Understanding Your Property

This process is highly relevant and delicate as it governs the type of relationship that will be established among all parties involved. The key areas to appreciate are the property’s location, size, condition, emotional attachment and uniqueness. If the property is not understood, then the quality of the marketing process will be poor and will attract poor quality of tenants. To appreciate the keys areas in understanding the property the following steps are carefully followed;


1.       One-hour introduction meeting; conducted to mutually cover the following criteria

a.       Listing all spaces of the property,

b.       Agreeing the property’s condition,

c.       Listing the heating type and condition, 

d.       Pros and cons of the property openly discussed,

e.       Concluding the expected types of tenants, 

f.        Live ¼ mile radius rental value report &

g.       Finalising an expected monthly rental value.


2.       Marketing the property

a.       Professional photographs with high resolution and a go-pro camera taken of all angles,

b.       Detailed description defining the properties pros,

c.       Allocating property’s EPC (this can be arranged if a new one is required),

d.       Uploading property on all online portals,

e.       Weekly monitoring advert; number of clicks, booked viewings, types of tenants interested and comments left,

f.        Weekly upgrading adverts and marketing strategies; increasing or decreasing the rent, changing cover photos
          and altering the property description,

g.       Weekly comparing the advert with other similar properties in market to make sure we have an edge.


3.       Tenant Filtration

a.       An average of 14 filtered viewings conducted,

b.       Narrowing down of 3 to 5 potential tenants,

c.       Describing potential tenants to client along with notes made,

d.       Getting the selected tenant to make financial commitment to reserve property,

e.       Initiating the referencing process,

f.        An estimated total of 4 hours are spent with the tenant throughout the process, which allows us to personally
          evaluate the tenant,

g.        All facts about the tenant are presented before collectively making a decision


Letting Specialists strive on long term relationships unlike estate agents