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Hemel Hempstead | Protecting Your Property

Protecting Your Property

Most important aspect of a hands-free service is the security and safety of the asset and its consequent income. Chasing, warning and claiming from tenants do not have to be costly and time-consuming procedures when protecting the rent and covering/preventing damages. This can be carefully controlled through constant gathering, upkeeping and communicating information and evidence with relevant parties (tenant, property management team, referencing company and landlord) of the tenancy.


Tenant filtration & Referencing

  •  Comprehensive background & affordability checks (10-year credit, 3-years residential & 3-years employment history) along with our experienced judgment of the selected tenant (visual appearance, character & occupation) helps predict a secured financial match. This is the most time-consuming process as finding a new suitable tenant governs the quality of the tenancy period.

Inventory & Check in

  • Evidence is required in case of any damage to the property when claiming monies from deposit schemes. A comprehensive inventory (average of 200+ photographs and written descriptions/conditions of all items within the property) and a check in report (all legal responsibilities covered; how to rent guide, EPC, gas certificate and etc) provides adequate tenant signed evidence cover for any accounted damages if any.

Inspections & Check out

  •  Quarterly visits (keeps tenants on their toes, keeps us on top of any maintenance issues & early warnings to tenants on any relevant issues picked up) along with a check out report (complete hand over confirming all issues picked up) allows tenants to attend to any issues at early stages. The purpose of this exercise is to constantly remind tenants of their duties and consequential costs of neglecting them.

Rent & Legal cover

  •  In case of changes in financial or personal circumstances of the tenants; detrimental rent loss through arears and legal costs when claiming possession can be in £1,000s. Having the cover for 12months insures that there are no further costs when claiming possession and the agreed rental monthly value is covered.    


Each of the above are equally crucial when securing the wellbeing of a property. The success of these processes is dictated by the data collection platforms used to prevent human errors. The data is highly dependent on reliable comprehensive referencing, detailed inventories and most importantly the due diligence and experience of the team that is conducting them.