Hatfield | Tenant Fees

When taking a property through our agency you will be liable to pay additional costs on top of the monthly rent.

  • First application fee*: £198.00
  • Second application fee: £198.00
  • Guarantor reference and administration fee: £198.00
  • Check Out Fee: £84.00 (PER OCCUPANT)
  • Late Rent Fee: £30.00
  • Agent/Landlord Reference Provision Fee: £30.00 per person
  • Missed Appointment fee: £40.00
    • When we provide a full management service to the Landlord we shall carry out property visits approximately three times a year. We will give you prior written notice of the date and time of the visit. Whilst it is preferred, you may not need to attend the inspection, our management team will carry keys to your property, which will be used to gain access if you are not present and have given consent for them to be used. If we do not hold the keys or you will only allow access in your presence and you fail to keep a pre-arranged appointment, you will incur an administration charge of £40.00 including VAT to cover the travel time/cost.
  • Tenancy breaches any letter sent: £30.00 per letter
  • Bounced rent payment: £24.00/PAYMENT
  • Change of move in date fee: £60.00.
    • If a date has been agreed for possession (and confirmed by you or us in writing or by email) and we have fulfilled all of the administration and you change the date, a fee of £60.00 (incl VAT) will be due. If the Landlord, at his discretion, does not agree to your proposed change of date he reserves the right to remarket the property and your holding fee and administration fee will not be refundable.
  • Information Request: £12.00

*The application fee covers the cost and administrative time of the initial credit check, landlord and employment reference, drawing up the tenancy agreement, setting up the utilities protection of your deposit and keeping you updated through the whole move in process.

Please note that in the event that you are evicted from a property by a court, you could be liable for the landlords legal and eviction costs.

Cash back offers shown on a property advert are only applicable to the individual property advertised on. The offer cannot be run consecutively with any other incentives or offer shown or offered by staff. The offer must be made when initially applying for the property and cannot be redeemed at a later stage