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Area Guide | Dundee

Dundee is a vibrant and diverse City set on the banks of the River Tay with a thriving academic, scientific and cultural heartbeat.

It is the fourth most populous city in Scotland and the Sunniest (honest, I promise, its true).

It has two football clubs (don’t get them confused), two world-class universities, a teaching hospital, various museums, including the new award-winning Victoria & Albert Museum, the McManus Gallery (small but really good), and a vibrant nightlife.

Computer gaming, biomedical research and other cutting-edge industries are significant activities in this forward-looking city.

It also has a very diverse and interesting industrial history from Jute (see The Verdant Works) definitely worth a visit, very informative, to Captain Scots ship (the RSS Discovery), to Jam (marmalade was invented here), Journalism (the Beano), and whaling to name but a few.

Here is a selection of links to a number of organisations that may of use to you in the Dundee & Tayside area if you are considering renting property in the region: