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Cumbria | Landlord Fees

Belvoir Cumbria Landlord Fees


Charges consist of either a one off Letting Fee, or a Letting Fee and monthly Management Fee

Let Only
Letting Fee 90% of the 1st Months’ Rent with minimum fee of £395.

Premier Let
Letting Fee £395. Monthly Management Fee 10%.

Letting Fee £350. Monthly Management Fee 12%.

Premier Managed
Letting fee £350. Monthly Management Fee 10%. ( Rental Guarantee Fee also Payable)

* The monthly management fee is a percentage calculation of each monthly rent throughout the period of the tenancy.
* The above fees are plus VAT.

Ad Hoc Landlord Fees

Duplicate Rent Statements = £25 (Incl VAT) per copy provided

Void Management Fee = £50 (Incl VAT) per week, payable four weekly in advance of requirement

Professional Hourly Rate = £54 (Incl VAT) per hour

Section 13 Rent Review = £25 (Incl VAT)

Inventory Fee (Let Only) = £90 (Incl VAT)

Duplicate Tenancy Agreements = £25 (Incl VAT)

Deposit Dispute Handling = £120 (Incl VAT)

Deposit Single Claim Handling = £25 (Incl VAT)

No fees are payable until we find a suitable tenant. Fees will, wherever possible, be deducted from rental income received.