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Cheltenham | Buyers

Belvoir Cheltenham is an individually owned franchise with a skilled team made up of local people.

This we believe ensures the best combination of knowledge and marketing effectiveness. We know the local schools and facilities; we understand which areas are better to live in and we appreciate why some houses are more attractive to locals whilst others will attract newcomers to an area.

Buy-To-Let Properties

Buy-to-Let is not for everyone, and so you should think about what taking on a Buy-to-Let property would mean. This type of investment is not a quick transaction and you may be tying your investment up for a long period of time to see the return. When considering Buy-to-Let you have to take a risk that you may not earn a profit, but buying the right sort of property having taken expert advice from Belvoir Cheltenham can help you to make the most of that investment. The property market is fluid and prices can go up and down, so don’t fall into the trap of assuming you’ll be able to sell the property to repay the mortgage. If you sell the property for a loss, which does not cover the mortgage, you would need to make up the difference.

A Buy-to-Let investment is substantially different from owning your own home. When you become a landlord you have legal responsibilities to both the tenant and mortgage lenders. When considering a Buy-to-Let mortgage you need to remember that if your property is unoccupied and there is no rent coming in, you will still need to keep up with monthly mortgage payments.

The best result for a Buy-to-Let landlord is your property achieving a healthy rental income followed by a potential capital windfall when you come to sell. However, if poor buying decisions are made you could end up with an empty property costing you money. For those who like a challenge and are willing to do their homework, Buy-to-Let can be a great success.

Buy-To-Let Tips

  • Do your research, and invest time in educating yourself about the rental market.
  • Consider what funds you have and what borrowing you need.
  • Find trusted professionals; mortgage lenders, brokers and conveyance solicitors.
  • Research your investment location: know your market, your customers, and what planning/licensing is required.
  • Test your investments against higher interest rates - how would this affect your yield?
  • Look at adding value to your invested property.
  • Take advice from a Buy-to-Let expert such as Belvoir to ensure you are fully informed and able to make the right buying decisions.

Contact our team today on 01242 221188 or alternatively via email cheltenham@belvoir.co.uk to discuss your individual needs and requirements.