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Bedford | Tenants

Are you ready to be a tenant with Belvoir?

Here at Belvoir Bedford not only do we take care of our landlords by only finding respectful and reliable tenants, but we will also go beyond our call of duty to ensure that tenants are happy and their money is well protected. Belvoir Bedford provide a service to tenants which you can rely on.

Emergency maintenance:

What to do in an Emergency?

If you have a maintenance emergency and you live in a Property Managed by Belvoir Bedford only, please use the telephone numbers of Belvoir Bedford authorised contractors supplied to you. If you are struggling call:


  • GVA (George): 07590026546
  • Blakes Electrical (Ian): 07736832007

Gas Heating Engineer & Plumbing:

  • Sepede Plumbing and Heating (Mick/Gerry): 07971 425238 / 07966 425859
  • Fabwell: Jon Lankford: 07841879596

General Maintenance:

  • AC Carpentry (Anthony): 07921 003880
  • Michael Holt Property: 07475437669
  • AM Installations(Philip): 07980 777111

Appliance repairs:

  • S C Domestics (Sam): 07711 25539

Your landlord may also have recommended contractors and/or insurance: in this instance this information will have been supplied to you and should be used instead.

If you do not have this contact Belvoir immediately: bedford@belvoir.co.uk

An example of an emergency would be:

  • burst pipes, leaks, blockage or flooding of drains
  • break ins or vandalism where "boarding up" may be required
  • a failure of water, gas or electricity supply
  • break down of central heating system

Also note that these numbers should only be used in an emergency situation.

**To be used in an emergency only – any non-emergency call outs or contractors that are not recommended by Belvoir Bedford will be charged to the tenant. ***


Tariff of Charges: These fees are per tenancy and are payable to Bywater Developments t/a Belvoir Bedford

Tenant Charges


Lead Tenant: Application set up including credit check and referencing


Additional tenant: Application set up including credit check and referencing


Guarantor: Application set up including credit check and referencing


Student Application Fee: Application set up including credit check and referencing


Rental payment by cash and/or cheque - Handling Fee


Late Rent Letter (per letter)

Breach of Tenancy Letter (per letter)


Dishonoured Cheque


Contractor Arrangement (excluding repairs)


Refund of Over-Payment


Renewal of a Fixed Term Assured Shorthold Tenancy

If requested by the tenants and approved by the landlord


Misuse of property

If maintenance has to be carried out due to the misuse or neglect by the tenant or there is a misuse of the emergency call out service


Plus 10% administration of maintenance charge plus VAT

Locked out of property

For us to attend and let you in during office hours

For us to attend and let you in not during office hours




Lost keys

If you lose any keys, then the locks will have to be replaced. This charge is payable plus the cost of new locks and keys. Please note: if you lose your keys and we have to let you in then the "locked out of the property" charge will also apply



Plus cost of the new locks and keys plus VAT

Moving Furniture Not Located as per the Inventory

Cost may vary depending on number of items that need to be moved

Minimum £120

End of Tenancy Viewings, in Last 28 days of Tenancy

Charge will be applied if we attend a prebooked vieiwng and are unable to gain access at no fault of our own



Removal/Disposal of Tenants' Personal Belongings After the Tenancy has Ended Costs may vary depending on number of items that need to be removed

Minimum £156

Contractors Call Out Charge

Call out charge will apply if a contractor has arranged an appointment with you and you do not attend

Amount will vary from contractor to contractor

Duplicate Documentation


Ad Hoc Letters to Third Parties


Deposit Registration Fee (per tenant)


Check Out Fee where Rectification Works are Required

This applies per contractor instructed , such as cleaner , decorating, repairs


Reference Fee: Other Agent/Mortgage (per tenant)


Early Release Fee