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Aldershot | Sellers

When you're thinking of selling your home, you shouldn't settle for anything but the best!

At Belvoir Aldershot, we pride ourselves on a personal service that is second to none.

Many people think that once you've accepted an offer on your property that's where the work of an estate agent stops, but not in our office!

We work alongside you and your solicitor to help with questions and queries.

This is the place you have poured time, money and effort into. It's your home and you love it. But, for whatever reason, it's time to move on.

Some things are a given when you're selling your home. You want minimum hassle, a speedy sale and the best possible price. But what about adding an agent that really thinks about the detail to that list, too? An agent who is immersed in the local area? An agent who will walk into your home and know instantly which little things will make the world of difference to the sale.

Even more to the point, an agent that talks to the potential buyers, knows what they want, and makes sure by the time they walk through your front door to view that they aren't just 'another viewing' but a serious, potential buyer for YOUR property.

This is where the team Belvoir Aldershot come into their own!

We'll be right here with you, and care about your sale as much as you do

Selling a property can be a complicated and frustrating process, and no two sales are the same. We’ll be there with you from start to finish, from managing the viewings to sorting out complicated chains. We will give you honest advice on all the little things along the way, there is never a 'silly question'.

If you're thinking about selling your home, here are a few handy tips from us

Work with your agent and make them work for you. At Belvoir, we believe every seller and their home are unique. We'd like you to tell us what made you fall in love with your home and what you enjoy most about it now. We'll highlight this information when we start marketing your home to like-minded buyers. Make sure your agent is aware of your situation, too. If you are just testing the water and aren't 100% committed to moving, they need to know. Likewise, if you can't move for six months, or, if you need to move quickly, tell your agent and they may be able to regulate the pace of the sale. Listen to your agent's advice. They know the local market and have your interests at heart.

Money matters!

Settling on an asking price will be one of the biggest decisions you make in this process. Invite a selection of local agents to come in and value your property, but don't just go with the agent that provides the highest appraisal and/or the lowest fee. An over-inflated asking price may really inhibit the speed of the sale. A low agent fee may mean you get a mediocre service.

We pride ourselves on the personal service we provide, and we really do care about the people we work with, it's not all about the numbers when you work with us.

Do your own research on the Land Registry website and find out what similar properties to yours have sold for in the area. If an agent gives you a much higher valuation than the others, ask them to provide examples of comparable sales.

Preparing your home

There's no avoiding those little DIY jobs that have been waiting to be done for years when you are looking to sell. Take some time to fix those loose floorboards, finish paint jobs, nail down the squeaking floorboard and fit the skirting board. These details matter.

Once that's done, have a good clear out. Get rid of any clutter and thin out your personal items, like bulky ornaments, family photographs, paperwork and toys. It lets the potential buyers visualise themselves living in your house. (If you can't bear to part with them, put them in storage or ask a friend to put them in their loft perhaps?)

Before the viewings begin, make sure your home is sparkling clean from top to bottom, especially the kitchen and bathroom. If needs be, have the carpets professionally shampooed, particularly if you have pets. (If you need a recommendation for a great local cleaning company who can make a big difference, give us a call we'll be happy to help.)

Improve your home's kerb appeal, too. Paint your front door, polish up the brass (if you have any) and sweep away any leaves from the front of the house. Mow the lawn and make sure your garden looks neat and tidy. Perhaps show how particular areas can be used for al fresco dining with strategically placed garden furniture.

By law, you will need to commission an EPC (energy performance certificate) for your property. We can help you to organise this. You won't be able to market the property without one, so get it sorted as soon as possible.

Line up your solicitor and do some pre-planning

Instruct a solicitor from the outset so that you are ready for action. Waiting until you have accepted an offer can delay the process unnecessarily.

Make sure you have all of your paperwork in order as this can really speed things up. So, if your property is leasehold, make sure you have the papers ready to pass on to your solicitor. Likewise, obtain any planning or building consents well in advance – these can help clinch a sale. Your estate agent and solicitor will be able to advise you on the type of paperwork you need to gather.

When the viewings start

It is usually best to let your estate agent show the viewers around whilst you go out - they will feel more comfortable if you're not there. This means they can have an open discussion about your house and what they would change if it was theirs without fear of causing offence. They'll also be able to take their time imagining how your home could become their home, and that's exactly what you want!

It's a tricky one, but try and work around viewings at any time. It really helps if potential buyers are able to view your home at a time that suits them. If not, there's the risk they'll see another property before they get to yours and may feel they should make an offer on the 'almost' right house when yours would actually have been perfect!

If you have tenants in the property, give them plenty of notice about your plans and keep things friendly. That way, they're more likely to keep the place looking tidy and accommodate viewings. It will also make them feel more secure that they have time to find new accommodation if they may need to move out, if you keep them involved.

If at all possible, pack your pets off for a day trip to the neighbours or in-laws. Another nice touch is to leave any parking space you may have free for the viewers. Something as simple as easy parking will help ensure they enter your home in a good frame of mind, and see their car parked right there in the future...

Avoid strong cooking smells and don't smoke in the house in the run-up to viewings. Open windows and place a few bunches of fresh flowers around the house to freshen things up and demonstrate that you care about what the buyer thinks. Even too strong air fresheners can put people off, not everyone loves lavender. Clean linen type scents lightly around the home can be nice though.

After the viewings

Do take feedback on board - if all the feedback from viewings points towards a particular issue - do something about it.

Be patient with the buyer, this can be a big decision to commit to, and they may have had years of being programmed about 'How a Buyer Should Act When Putting In An Offer' They won't want to look too keen, and may underneath it all be desperate to buy your property. If they know that you're going to work together with the solicitors and estate agents to make the sale as smooth as possible, that may be just the reason they choose yours over another property.