Belvoir Training Completed By Another Team Member

During November, Andrea successfully completed the Belvoir Induction training course for Franchisees held at our Central Offices in Grantham.

The course is an intensive three week course that covers all aspects of the lettings industry, as well as the Belvoir systems and corporate standards.

Andrea was amazed at how much she learnt : “I had already been working in the business for several months, so I was expecting to just pick up little tips here and there. It wasn’t like that at all. The course has provided excellent knowledge to underpin my existing experience of the lettings industry. It has been invaluable.”

The Belvoir Induction course is one of the most thorough and comprehensive training programmes available to lettings industry professionals. Industry experts and skilled professionals deliver the training modules on their areas of expertise.

“Obviously the course covers all areas of property management, including the legal aspects, in detail. However, it covered so much more, such as how to provide excellent customer service, the Buy to Let Investments market, inventories, tenant referencing, insurances and wealth management to name some. The mix of education and practical exercises added to the learning experience too.

It was also great to meet the Head Office team at Grantham, and to know that we have access to years of experience in all aspects of the business if we ever need help with unusual situations, or just a second opinion.”

Andrea is the third member of our team to have completed this course, after Clayton and Dean.