Most Haunted Buildings in Nottinghamshire – Have you visited any of these places?

1. Newstead Abbey

Newstead Abbey Ghost Hunts, Nottinghamshire Ghost Hunts

Newstead Abbey might is commonly known as ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ Lord Byron’s family home and some say, the ghost of Byron’s pet dog, Boatswain, still wanders the premises today, looking for his master.

The historic house dates to the 12th century, belonging to King Henry VII and was used as a priory for Augustine monks. It is said that one of the monks, the Goblin Friar, never really left and will appear just before something bad is about to happen.

If that wasn’t already enough, the mysterious White Lady is said to still wander the winding paths of the grounds.


2. Clifton Hall

Haunting at Clifton Hall

Anwar Rashid, a businessman with a £25 million fortune and a portfolio of 26 properties, bought Clifton Hall in January 2007. The 52-room Hall cost £3.6M and included 17 bedrooms, a gym, a cinema, 10 reception rooms and 10 bathrooms. Rashid made his fortune from a chain of nursing homes and a hotel in Dubai. Thirty-two-year-old Rashid and his family moved into the hall the same month they bought it. From the first day in the house, they allegedly experienced paranormal activity, leading them to believe that Clifton Hall was haunted.

After spending eight months in Clifton Hall, the family moved out of the house in August 2007. They stopped paying the mortgage in January 2008 and, on 18 September 2008, the Yorkshire Bank reclaimed the property.


3. Kelham Hall

Wedding ruined by poor and lying management - Kelham Hall, Kelham Traveller  Reviews - Tripadvisor

Situated in the heart of Nottinghamshire and surrounded by beautiful gardens and parklands you will find Kelham Hall. The Victorian house, built in 1863, has a rich history as the ancestral home of the Manners-Sutton family, along with its use as a theological college for an Anglican Order of Monks.

 Along with the distinct design features of renowned architect Sir George Gilber Scott, it sure is a fascinating place to visit.

But all is not as it seems. Featured on the ‘Most Haunted’ TV series, it appears this house comes with ghost stories to match. From loud footsteps and voices heard when there is no one around, to reports of people being ‘touched’ by unseen hands and shadows haunting the rooms and corridors.


4. The Village, Mansfield

The Village Ghost Hunts, Mansfield Ghost Hunts

Built in 1802, The Village has served as a slaughter house, a malt house and even a nightclub, but is said to have been based on a site that once contained an old barn.

Mr Merryweather, the owner of the Malt Houses until his death in 1835, was sighted by volunteers who were painting the village ahead of its reopening in 2013.

The name 'Catherine' has also been picked up on during paranormal investigations – she is thought to have been murdered at The Village along with her child. Investigators have heard the sounds of a baby crying in the lower rooms.


5. Mapperley Hospital

Nottinghamshire history > Old Nottingham suburbs: then and now [Mapperley]  (1914)

Mapperley Hospital closed in 1994, but the building now serves as the home of Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust. Ever since the hospital was closed down, the admin staff who now work in the building have been reporting a number of strange occurrences.

 Staff often hear their names being called by an unknown, disembodied voice and the spirit of a female has been seen gliding down the corridors. The former ITV drama series ‘Staying Alive’ was filmed in the building and shooting was disrupted several times by the ghostly shrieking.