COVID proofing: How we are successfully selling your property during a pandemic

Our new venture:

We made the decision to include sales as part of our range of services at the beginning of September and since having started our new venture, we find ourselves with 73 instructions and 49 sales agreed with more to list this week – which we think is an excellent start.

So amid a pandemic, how have we managed to get so many peoples properties sold in a short amount of time? How can we ensure that we are getting prospective buyers to view your home? …. Well, virtually!

Although many virtual versions of things are in no way comparable to the real deal (take Zoom calls with family and friends for example!) we believe that virtual house tours are about as good (if not better in some cases) as you can get to feeling like you are really there.


Safely selling property

We know that the best way to safely sell a property in the present market in place is via a virtual tour. Prospective buyers want to get a feel your property, but with restrictions in place, it is not always possible to view a property in person.


Benefits of virtual tours

We believe there are actually lots of benefits that come with virtual viewings- for example, the viewer is able to look at specific details over and over again and scrutinise things as closely as they like, providing them with perhaps a greater insight than seeing it in the flesh – there’s no cap on the amount of times you can virtually view a property, and you may even spot things that you could have missed if you had not been able to go back to the virtual tour.

In addition to this, when viewing a property in person, it’s easy to get distracted by the fixtures and fittings and the knowledge that the seller is watching your every move – virtual viewings means taking things at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to this, disruption to daily life can of course also have a negative effect on people’s ability to view property and often reduces the chances of a property making it in on to a purchasers short list.

There is no better way to circumnavigate this than the benefit of having the very best in virtual tour technology – it enables people to view your property at their leisure and this alone can be the difference between a buyer opting to purchase your property over the competition.

The market is clearly buoyant and higher than expected valuations are now often the case, however, there really is no substitution for experience and having the insight of an agent with in-depth market knowledge.


An agent that can prove their ability to sell

Whilst the market is buoyant the majority of purchases are mortgage incumbent and lenders are less optimistic on their borrowing capacity when the prospect of redundancy and unemployment is high and it is this understanding that is the difference between simply listing a property and actually seeing it through to completion – nothing says this more than an agent that can prove their ability to sell…

If you are thinking of selling your property – now is the best time to do it, not only can you be sure that our top-class virtual tours will gain engagement from a huge range of prospective buyers, but there’s only a very limited time left where you can guarantee to benefit from the stamp duty holiday.

We’re positive and indeed proud of our initial sales success, and we think the figures speak for themselves. Get in touch with us today to take advantage of both the stamp duty holiday and our incredible virtual viewing technology.