Measuring good property management Nottingham

How do the ‘professionals’ measure good property management?

In a nutshell, the main responsibility of a property manager in the lettings industry is to act as a third party between the landlord and the tenant and to ensure properties are maintained to a high standard.

However, there is a far less obvious ability for us to add value and reduce costs and providing the landlord’s access to a trusted and vetted contractor base is just a small part of this, but often the effective management of a tenancy lies in the relationship and experience of the individual managers and how they interact with a tenant and handle the resulting expectations. The ability to effectively diagnose the fault before an invoice is incurred is vital to any outcome.

Property management is a diverse role and includes anything from getting involved with the pre-tenancy requirements to organising building maintenance and repairs.

The property manager deals with all tenant related issues on behalf of the landlord and is seen as the first port of call for both parties. A good property manager will handle everything from dealing with complaints, organising maintenance and repairs and carrying out administrative tasks, all while managing and keeping to a budget.

We have a large client base, many of whom are multi-portfolio landlords and have commended our property management services.

So here’s how we ensure that our clients are happy:

1. Minimal void periods between tenancies
Although completely avoiding void periods is not possible, we do everything we can to ensure they are minimal. We do this by ensuring your tenants are a perfect match. Renting to good, reliable tenants can help to reduce the risk of sudden changes in circumstance.

We market properties available for rent on both the high street and online, making full use of websites like Zoopla, Prime location, Rightmove, On the Market, Booming and many more,
which is why our coverage is extensive and our rental properties are snapped up quickly!

2. Minimal Arrears

Many of our landlords take advantage of our rent guarantee scheme, which ensures that even if a tenant cannot pay, the landlord will still receive the value of the rent for that month. Although it is uncommon for our landlords to have to do this, it’s a great option to have available to you, if for whatever reason your tenant cannot pay.

Aside from this, we also ensure that the chances of arrears are at a minimum in the first place. We achieve this by ensuring we have great communication with the tenants, which in turn helps with avoiding missed or delayed payments from the tenants.

3. Minimal dilapidations upon vacating

Belvoir provides video inventories to landlords, which prove beyond doubt the presence and degree of any dilapidations when tenants vacate a property, whilst ensuring a fair resolution for all parties.

Additionally, we carry out property inspections with date and time stamped images of every room – providing proof of attendance and condition of the property.

4. Pro-active mid-tenancy maintenance

Mid-tenancy maintenance involves a check of the rental property during the tenancy. It’s a useful exercise for both landlords and tenants. Landlords can ensure their property is being well looked after and that the tenancy agreement is being followed, whilst tenants have the opportunity to highlight any issues that might otherwise be missed.

5. High Compliance

Belvoir aims to provide the best possible service to landlords and tenants. We personally manage all essential aspects of lettings, and operate under licence from Belvoir Property Management (UK) Ltd. The stringent requirements of Belvoir’s franchise agreement ensures that all of our offices operate under the highest standards of professional conduct.

In addition to this, we’re clued up on all the ever-expanding landlord laws, tenant laws and rules and regulations – so we are always remaining compliant with the important stuff!

6. 24-hour emergency maintenance service

Some emergency maintenance situations are completely unavoidable. A burst pipe, a boiler that’s gone bust, a roof that’s started to leak – these types of emergencies happen, but the important thing is to be prepared for them.

This is why we provide 24-hour emergency maintenance for any and all emergency property maintenance situations. Not only does this service give you peace of mind that your property is being well-cared for, even in your absence, but it also helps tenants feel secure that their place of residence is a safe, welcoming environment to live with their families.

7. Experienced property managers who know the properties inside and out and the tenants first-hand

Our teams are experienced in property management, many of them are either tenants and/or landlords themselves, so they know very well what is expected of a property manager. Because of the great relationships we build with tenants, we know the tenants first-hand and this can be useful with nipping any issues in the bud should they arise and getting things sorted quickly and cooperatively.

Property management services from Belvoir truly is the ultimate ‘hands off’ approach for Landlords. With over 21 years’ experience in the lettings industry, Belvoir can be trusted to ensure you’re given the best advice and have a proven track record of being able to source the most suitable tenants for your property.