Reducing Tenant Turnover

One thing that causes disruption to a landlord is when tenants change on a regular basis.  This may be down to the tenants’ circumstances but, more importantly, it could be down to the condition of the property.

If it’s the latter then this is cause for concern and needs addressing sooner rather than later.  If a property runs into disrepair then it becomes quite expensive to keep it maintained as it has a knock-on effect. 

Let’s say we have a scenario where a boiler keeps going wrong.  We see it time and time again when a gas engineer gets called out to the same boiler only to keep replacing parts when it would be more cost effective and economical to have it replaced.  You’ve also got to think about potential leaks from the boiler which may cause damage to other areas of the property.

If a tenant has to keep “putting up” with things going wrong it is highly likely they will be looking to move on and let the property become someone else’s problem.

So the point is here that you need to keep on top of property maintenance and repairs.  Cutting costs means cutting corners and is only going to cost you more in the long run.