Belvoir Mansfield's 7 Best Hacks For Your Home


We’ve scoured the internet far and wide to find our favourite home hacks. So read on to view Belvoir Mansfield’s top 7 favourite cleaning, organisation and DIY hacks.

We are coming to the end of 2016, and with the new year drawing closer, why not get some of our ideas pencilled down in your ‘to do’ list for 2017? There’s no better time to be doing it!


1. Hang up those coats

We love this creative take on coat pegs. Coat pegs are practical and useful but can sometimes just be bland and boring! Not only do these pegs serve a purpose, they’re also a great stylish addition to your home. For a more eclectic look like the example below, then mismatch the door handles you use.


Alternatively use these on the back of your bedroom doors to hang dressing gowns, bags and towels, or in the bathroom to hold your towel while you take a dip in the bath!

Click here for more fab coat peg ideas


2. Hide that router

We collect heaps of books over the years that we may never read again, and they end up using up valuable space on our shelves, so what better way to put them to use than by hiding your router. We love routers, (we depend on them for Wi-Fi!) but they don’t always look overly fashionable to have as a centrepiece on our tables and drawers. This simple hack allows you to hide that router in a chic and nifty way so it blends into its surroundings much more nicely and we still get to keep our Wi-Fi connection – yes!!

Have a look through he tutorial here


3. Never argue over whose is whose again!

Living with a family in the smartphone age can be an absolute pain! Chargers seem to just vanish into a mysterious abyss, never to be seen again, either that, or someone in the family decides to ‘borrow’ your charger and then become insistent it was theirs all along. Sound familiar? Well we don’t have to deal with it anymore!


Pick up some fancy looking tape, (Ebay is your go to place for this) where you can get multiple rolls for as little as a quid!

Once you’ve got your tape sorted, simply wrap the charger and you’re good to go. No more getting mixed up, less arguments and much harder to lose!


4. Get rid of the gunk

We all like to think we’re Jamie Oliver sometimes, but that can take its toll on our pans, especially when we start burning food on them. Really, there’s not much escaping the inevitable gunky pan of doom, especially if you are using your frying pans frequently.


It’s a bit gross to think of all the ground on dirt and gunk just lying in our pans while our food bubbles and fries away. But fear not, this hack is going to take all that away.

Sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda over the problem area then pour over white wine vinegar and let it sit. After around 5 minutes, try using a wooden spoon or plastic spatula (something that won’t scrape the pan) to start lifting up some of the gunk.

If there’s still some left that won’t budge then placing a dryer sheet (cheap ones work best) over the patch and pouring boiling water over the top should get rid of the last scraps!

Thanks for the tip


5. Pretty and practical

Want some fashionable storage in your kitchen? Then use a shower rack as a cool way of storing your kitchen essentials. You can pop in some fresh herbs growing in pots on there, or even use it as a spice rack or as utensil storage.


Best of all, you can create it just the way you like, there’s loads of different styles of shower racks out there, so have a look around, and  depending on the  features you choose, you are able to utilise them for whatever you may need.

If you want to jazz up your shower rack, you can spray paint and tie things on it, the possibilities are endless. It’s a simple case of mounting this to the wall and enjoying your creative and handy new feature.


6.From rags to riches

If you’re feeling extra creative and fancy a challenge during a weekend, then upcycle! The upcycling trend sees objects and furniture from around the house that would otherwise be thrown out or sat there collecting dust, turned into a brand new and transformed piece of furniture or object that can serve a new function.


We love this DIY kitchen island from blog, As you can see a tired looking chest of drawers, has had a sand, a lick of paint and some drawers removed to create a kitchen island that can store cutlery, pots, pans and there’s even a great additional feature of a rail on the corner to hold your tea towels! Have a little look on Pinterest for more inspiration of this kind if you want to get into upcycling.


7. Magic mirror on the wall

If you want to immediately add more space to your bedroom and you also have wardrobe doors like the above, then why not add some full length mirrors into your room? Not only are you creating the illusion of a bigger room you also get a full length mirror to speed up your getting ready time in the morning, without taking up the valuable space that is precious to us all!

Pick up some bog standard mirrors from any home department store and paint the frames to match your doors. Mount them to the doors and away you go!

We hope you found some of these hacks useful,

The Belvoir Mansfield Team