When do you unpack?

We all know one of the dreaded parts of moving home is having to pack and unpack your whole world, it can take months to get everything carefully wrapped up and in a box, and don’t even get us started on labelling all of the boxes up!

In a recent poll we ran with Twitter users, 53% of you said it can take around a month to finish getting everything unpacked. It’s laborious and in a new home, you don’t have room for everything so it’s completely understandable that it takes so long to get your life back in order.

Many people want to make improvements to a property when they first move in, new storage, built in wardrobes and a freshly fitted kitchen are among the most common and in the upheaval of a move you want to ensure that everything is going to fit in the property…this could mean having a clear out before boxing everything up.

We take so much stuff with us when we move, and interestingly in our poll we found that 40% of you never fully unpack when you move, we all have boxes in the attic that we’ve never opened don’t we? So why not clear them out beforehand, so you don’t need that larger removal truck?

There’s lots you can do to lower the amount you need to take when you move, hiring a skip a few weeks before so you can throw out all the things you’ve hoarded over the years but will never need…the scraps of carpet, occasional chairs and dusty boxed up knick-knacks haven’t been seen for years, so why take it on to the next home with you? This is especially relevant when downsizing.

Surprisingly only 7% of people answered to say they’re unpacked within a week…we’d bet they’re the ones that have had a pre-move clear-out!