Tips for a smooth tenancy

What can Landlords do to help ensure a tenancy goes smoothly:

Clean sweep

Before the tenancy starts, a thorough cleaning of the property is essential. This sets the standard you expect when they leave.

Essential information

Ensure your tenant is given all the essential paperwork when they move in. We find that it is helpful to supply the tenant with a ring binder which includes all the necessary paperwork, such as the EPC, Gas safety certificate, tenancy agreement and copies of appliance manuals etc.

Tenancy trouble-shooting

If any problems occur, starting a dialogue early with your tenant can help prevent any issues escalating.

Visiting rights

It’s important that the landlord visits the property regularly. At Belvoir Macclesfield we always visit every three months as a minimum. Always write to the tenant and give them as much notice as possible when you visit, but also phone the day before to check they received the letter – this personal contact and chatting to the tenant helps maintain a good relationship.

Payment problems

If the rent is late, talk to your tenant as soon as possible. Do not just assume they are deliberately not paying. It could simply be a bank error and they will want to be told so this can be corrected.

Long-term relationships

Don’t take long-term tenants for granted. When you visit, consider if furnishings/decor need updating. Are these things which would be done if the tenants moved out? – if so, you may retain that tenant for much longer, by doing them now.

Maintenance matters

Landlords should be mindful of their legal obligation to repair and to act quickly when something needs fixed. Respond quickly to any maintenance issues and keep the tenant informed if there are any delays in getting work done – tenants are more likely to stay longer and treat the property well if the landlord looks after them in this way.