The #LittleAgents are here!

Move over Phil & Kirstie – our 3 Little Agents are set to be the next big stars in the world of property!

This completely unscripted video shows what 3 kids look for in a home; ample hiding places, a lovely little garden and of course…Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs all came up as top selling points for the beautiful country home.

Belvoir’s Content Marketing Coordinator, Sam Martin who was the brains behind the #LittleAgents video said “We spent a morning with the children, who were aged between five and six, and showed them around the property,”

“We encouraged our Little Agents to find good hiding places, think of what different rooms and cupboards might be used for, and to draw us some floor plans and then think about what they might say to someone who could be interested in buying the house. The results were hilarious!”

“The twin boys were fantastic, and needed no encouraging to jump out to scare our prospective buyers! We wanted the video to get parents thinking about what their kids love about their home. It was a brilliant day, and our Little Agents did us proud.”

Our Chief Operations Director, Dorian Gonsalves said “Last year at our National Conference the team at Central Office released a fun video that was so popular with franchisees we decided to go one better this year, and create something light-hearted that could be put on YouTube for all of our clients to enjoy. I think Belvoir’s #LittleAgents fulfil the criteria, as they were amazing!

“This is obviously a tongue in cheek look at estate agency, and all our real agents are highly experienced and trained, but I hope the video helps to show what a fun, outgoing company Belvoir is and once vendors take a look at Belvoir’s #LittleAgents they will consider using Belvoir’s Big Agents (AKA franchisees!) to sell their property for them.”

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