Festive home security tips

Christmas is just around the corner and festive plans are starting to come together. Whether you’re staying at home for a cosy family Christmas, or you’re off to visit relatives, we’ve put together 3 quick tips for keeping your home secure over the holidays.

1. Out of sight
Many break-ins happen because shiny presents were left in plain sight of the window. It is nice to have your presents scattered under the tree, however, if they are easily seen through a window then you may attract some unwanted attention. When you’re putting your tree up think of the positioning and try to tuck presents toward the back of the tree if possible.

2. Access all areas
Burglaries are often carried out by opportunists that have tried a window or door that has been left open. It’s important for every month of the year to keep your doors locked, but especially at Christmas time. If you have old sash windows, make sure that they will make it through the winter and shut and lock securely. It’s also worth remembering that burglars aren’t afraid to look for a hidden door key, if you hide a spare key around the outside of your property make sure these are taken away and are put somewhere safe inside. If you are going to be away over the festive seasons then padlock gates and ensure access to your property is as difficult as possible.

3. The lights are on…is anybody home?
If you’re going away, think about how to make your house look occupied. Leaving blinds shut and lights on all day long will make the house look empty – try putting lights on a timer to come off and on at certain points throughout the evening to ensure your home looks occupied. It isn’t just the inside that counts, get some quality outside lights and security floodlights if someone triggers the sensor the light will switch on which for many potential burglars will act as a deterrent. A well-lit home both inside and out is much less attractive to burglars.

Whether you’re home for the holidays or going away, the next few weeks leading up to Christmas give you a good opportunity to work out just how to secure your home is. Do a quick MOT of your home and if locks, lights and fence panels need replacing, get it done before the festive shutdown so you can relax knowing your home is perfectly secure.