Staycation in Style

Sometimes heading out on holiday to an exotic location can be pretty stressful not to mention rather expensive.

Those one or two week breaks we get end up being spent waiting for airport connections or stuck in traffic. Quite often we get back home needing a rest just to recover. That’s why planning a staycation has become a lot more popular in recent years. In this article we take a look at how to make sure your home holiday recharges your batteries and revitalises your mojo before you go back to work.

Get Into the Garden

Gardening is good for you. It has been shown to reduce stress, promote better health and even alter our state of consciousness.

If you have a suitable garden space, spending some time in it makes sense. We all too often get distracted with work and family life that we forget we’ve got such a brilliant space right on our own doorstep.

Even if gardening is not your thing, get out the deckchairs and a good book. It’s probably the most relaxing thing you will do on your staycation.

Visit Local Sites

We also make such an effort to fly off to far-flung locations that we don’t realise what interesting places we have nearby. It’s a good idea to put some local sightseeing and visits into your staycation if you want to broaden your mind or avoid boredom at home. Remember that we have thousands of years of history on our tiny island.

Check the local parks, art galleries and museums to start with. You’ll probably discover more than you thought you would and, by visiting these attractions, you’ll be contributing to and supporting the local economy.

If you’re having a staycation to save some money, a picnic in the park is a great idea and one all the family can enjoy.

Or how about getting the bikes out and going for a country ride with the kids? Once you begin to think about it, there are literally hundreds of options.

Take a Day Trip to the Beach

The good thing about being an island is that we’re never too far away from a beach. Pick a nice sunny day, pack up the towels and the sun cream and head to the coast. There are some exciting places to visit all around the UK, from popular beaches to hidden coves.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Perhaps you want to relax and have a little me time. Organising a spa day just for yourself or for a group of friends can be a great way to get that all-important pampering before you go back to work. Most towns and cities have at least one quality spa with a whole range of different services from body wraps and massages to manicures and relaxing facials.

Simply Veg Out

Of course, your idea of a staycation may be exactly this. If you simply want to close the door and forget the outside world exists, at least it’s a cheap and easy option. You may like to veg out on the couch with some brilliant box sets. Or how about turning off all appliances and disconnecting yourself from your broadband with a completely tech-free staycation?

There are many different things you can do for a really good staycation. The advantages are you don’t have to worry about all that travel and the time and expense that involves. You also have more chance of staying relaxed and returning to work with a lot more energy.

Often, we don’t realise what gems we have on our own doorstep either. Perhaps it’s time to explore closer to home for your next holiday.

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