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Sutton Coldfield is a popular residential area and housing is the major land use as a consequence. There are large areas of pleasant leafy suburbs, a mixture of interesting historic buildings including the conservation areas of Four Oaks and the Town Centre.

Much of Sutton Coldfield is open space, with 2,400 acres of Sutton Park as well as most of the City’s green belt providing the area with one of its major assets. Sutton Park is a National Nature Reserve with areas of woodlands, heaths, wetlands and pools that attract many species of wildlife as well as two million visitors a year.

It is the largest Local Authority Park of its type in the United Kingdom and contains some of the last surviving examples of natural countryside in the area.

Sutton Four Oaks
Almost half of Sutton Four Oaks, in the Northern part of the City, is taken up by Sutton Park. The ward also includes the areas known as Streetly, Mere Green, Roughley, Doe Bank, Reddicap Heath, Ley Hill and the "other" Watford Gap!

Sutton Four Oaks Ward is the northernmost ward in the City, and is one of the three wards which make up Sutton Coldfield. The Ward is characterised by attractive, well-established residential areas at Four Oaks, Mere Green, Little Sutton and Reddicap Heath, and by extensive areas of open space at Sutton Park, Rectory Park, Moor Hall Golf Course and a large area of Green Belt to the east. Good Hope Hospital also lies within the Ward., as does Sutton Coldfield Cemetery.

Sutton Four Oaks incorporates the northern part of the town centre, and an important local centre at Mere Green. Apart from a small industrial estate at Reddicap Heath and a Lucas factory at Mere Green, there are currently no major industrial areas within the Ward. However, a premium industrial site of up to 50 hectares is proposed in the Bassetts Pole area.

The 1991 Census showed that 30,302 people were living in Sutton Four Oaks Ward, compared to 29,856 in 1981 - a slight increase of 1.2%. Sutton Four Oaks is one of the few areas within the City where the population is increasing. Census indicators suggest that Sutton Four Oaks is one of the more prosperous Wards within the City. Unemployment rates are less than half the average for Birmingham as a whole (4.9%) and 82.9% of households own at least one car; this is the highest proportion of any Ward in Birmingham

Sutton Newhall
Sutton New Hall, in the North Eastern corner of the City includes Sutton Town Centre, as well as the areas known as Reddicap Heath Maney, Walmley, Falcon Lodge and part of Whitehouse Common and Minworth. Much of the ward is open countryside, includng Pype Hayes Golf Course. As a result, New Hall is one of the largest Wards in the City. It is part of the Parliamentary Constituency of Sutton Coldfield.

Most of the housing stock is modern although there are pockets of older housing around the original villages of Minworth, Walmley and near Sutton Town Centre. The only significant public sector housing development is the Falcon Lodge Estate. The vast majority of the Ward's housing is privately owned (80%) and much consists of detached and semi-detached housing (69%). The proportion of the workforce in professional and managerial jobs is well above the City average as is the proportion of self employed workers. Car ownership rates are much higher than average with 77% of household owning at least one car. New Hall Ward has one of the lowest levels of unemployment in the City at 3.6% (1997). 15.9% of the population is over 60 years old. Sutton Coldfield Crematorium lies within the ward.

Sutton Vesey Ward
Sutton Vesey is one of the three Wards that make up the Parliamentary Constituency of Sutton Coldfield. The 1991 Census revealed that 29,072 people were living in the Ward, compared to 28,645 in 1981 - a slight increase of 1.5%. Sutton Vesey is one of the few areas within the City where the population is increasing. The Ward lies to the south of Sutton Coldfield.

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