Legionnaires Disease - Advice to Tenants

Please read the advice below on Legionnaires Disease that the HSE advise you should be aware of:



What actually is Legionnaires Disease?

It is an illness contracted by inhaling drops of water contaminated by Legionella bacteria.  The bacteria is actually found in most water systems, but multiplies and becomes dangerous in stagnant water with temperatures between 20°C and 45°C.  It is killed in temperatures above 60°C

 What can I do to control risk?

Keep water in the boiler at a minimum of 60°C

Clean and descale shower heads between lets-especially in showers that you know have had infrequent use

Flush through water units that are not regularly used

Check that the cold water system runs cold after 2 minutes

If you have one ensure cold water tank lid is closed.

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