Top tips for renting a home

RENTING a home can be an exciting yet daunting at the same time.
Renting is often thought of as something done by people before climbing the property ladder, but many homeowners opt to rent for periods of time while waiting to buy.

Choose the right property and agent, and renting can be a joy.

Do your research
spend plenty of time investigating the area. The best way to get a feel for an area is to visit and have a wander around on foot.

The advantage of renting is that you can move when your tenancy is up, but don’t think too short-term – make sure this is the area you want to live in. If you have children make sure you look into the local schools and not just the nearest one as you may not be guaranteed a place. Speak to the local council; they can advise you on the education system in the area. Our staff at Belvoir Lettings in Kettering have knowledge of the local area from schools to local activities, a conversation with one of our negotiators may help you decide on which area to move to or which property to chose if you are undecided.

Take your time viewing properties
Looking around rental properties can be a bit of a whistle-stop tour but if you find somewhere you like don’t just give it a ten minute once over. Check everything carefully. Does it have central heating, a washing machine, dishwasher, decent fridge and freezer? What are the showers like? Are the windows in good condition? These can all be forgotten in the heat of the moment. Make a checklist to take with you when viewing properties you really like. Saying this, don’t leave it too long, properties get rented out very quickly, if you like a property but are a little unsure, call Belvoir Kettering and arrange a second viewing if needed.

Make sure you set up direct debits or payments properly. Getting all the finances sorted properly and having the deposit, first month’s rent and subsequent rent arrive on time will mean that you are immediately onside with the people you need to call if the plumbing goes or you want a new oven.

Tell your agent or landlord if there are problems
Landlords are not psychic. You may know that the washing machine has stopped working and grumble about it, but unless someone tells them they don’t know work needs doing. Don’t be shy in reporting any difficulties; having things fixed at no cost to you is one of the privileges of being a tenant. A good landlord will also appreciate knowing if something needs doing. Belvoir Lettings Kettering have a dedicated maintenance company handling all of the maintenance issues, Cornerstone Housing are there to liaise between you and your landlord and they will rectify maintenance issues swiftly.