Landlord, are you pet friendly?

Landlord are you pet Friendly?

Here at Belvoir Lettings Kettering we try to welcome all types of tenancies and understand how difficult it can be to find a property where the landlord accepts pets. Most families that are looking to rent a property often have a pet. We believe that every family situation is different and like to encourage landlords to base their decision on a case by case basis. If we had a landlord that is slightly nervous to accept a pet it is usually because of past experiences, however there are many steps we can take to assess the situation to help the landlord make their decision.

Checks and procedures we can put in place are:

Gain a positive landlord reference from previous landlords, find out as much information about the type and age of the pets. We already take a deposit for the property however we would require an extra non-refundable pet fee that would be used on the property at the end of the tenancy. We require all tenants to have contents insurance which would also cover the carpets/curtains etc if the animal were to cause any damage. We carry out quarterly inspections so any concerns are picked up quickly and resolved.

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