Increase In Rental Arrears Highlights Need For Professional Advice Claims Belvoir Kettering

A brand new report has shown that more private rented sector tenants are falling into severe arrears, highlighting the need for landlords to seek professional advice claims Belvoir Kettering, a leading lettings agent of Kettering.

The new report entitled Tenant Arrears Tracker, found that 94,000 tenants in severe arrears, an increase of 4.8 per cent over the December 2012 figure.

The reported increase overturns much of the improvement in severe arrears seen in the final quarter of last year and leaves the quarterly figure the fourth highest on record, according to LSL Property.

This latest report comes as a bit of a surprise, many landlords in Kettering have seen a slight improvement in arrears in the last few months. Credit is still hard to find, which is why the Government needs to be finding new ways to cope with the increased demand from tenants who are unable to get onto the property ladder.

These figures highlight the importance of seeking professional advice when selecting the right tenant for your property.

By using the detailed credit checking service, landlords can eliminate some of the risk associated with non paying tenants. Prior to a tenant moving in, Belvoir Kettering would run thorough credit checks and get references for all parties who intend to move into the property and this is done in house not sent to a third party company. This should ensure that from day one, you are moving the right tenants into the property and are selecting only those who will respect their surroundings and return everything as they found it at the end of their agreement.

I would also advise any landlord to source adequate landlords insurance at the very first opportunity. lettings agents such as ours can offer excellent and cost effective cover, but it is essential that you take out a policy just in case you need it.

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