Buy-to-let mortgages come down in price

Buy-to-let mortgages are less expensive than they were, with mortgage rates and lenders’ fees both down.

Recent research shows that during the first quarter of 2013 buy-to-let rates fell by an average of 0.33% when factoring in fees. The gap between three and five-year rates narrowed over the quarter and many five-year rates are now similarly priced to their three-year counterparts.

As there are more ‘specialist’ products available in the three-year sector, the average cost of three-year products can be higher than the
average for the five-year products.

In Q1, lender arrangement fees, valuation fees and legal costs added an average of 0.52% on to the headline cost of a buy-to-let mortgage. This has dropped slightly since the beginning of the year when the figure stood at 0.57%.

Costs were at a peak in 2010 when across all product types they added an average 0.66% pa to the average cost.

Of the buy-to-let mortgage products available in Q1, only 9% had no lender arrangement fee. A further 43% of products had percentage-based lender arrangement fees of between 1-3%, and nearly half (48%) of all buy-to-let products had a flat lender arrangement fee.

The average flat fee is now £1,534. The research also shows that in the first quarter of this year, there were 434 buy-to-let mortgages available from 27 lenders.

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