Belvoir Kettering Urges You To Do Your Homework

With so many properties on the market, and so many varying agents representing them, it can sometimes be confusing and unclear when viewing properties the different tenancy requirements, here at Belvoir Kettering, we urge you to look a little closer than just the properties you may be viewing.

At the start of any tenancy it is important to be clear with your agent/landlord what the costs involved of the letting of the property are, additionally to this there may be other information that you will require to be confirmed before you formally apply for the property.

A good tip for all tenants is to research the company you are using fully before viewing, taking into account any reviews or articles on your agent, and to ensure that you have a thorough check list of all questions that you wish to ask when you view properties. A good example of such a checklist can be found at –

Any reputable agent should be able and willing to confirm any information in writing to yourself before you make any financial commitment to a property, allowing you peace of mind. Whether that is a simple confirmation of the rental price or tenancy term to something of more in depth detail, such as prospective maintenance works on a property, council tax bands etc….

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