Insurance for Landlords

You'll hear stories in the media of "tenants from hell" etc. It's rare, but it can happen. However the 2 biggest risks of being a landlord - tenant doesn't pay, and tenant trashes property - are both 100% insurable.

Belvoir works with Endsleigh Insurance in this area and has some bespoke products for our landlords. We believe they are market leading - you can't buy them on the high street, and you can't get them by contacting Endsleigh direct. They are only available to Belvoir Landlords. Key features are as follows. These policies will appeal to landlords who value doing the job properly, rather than just finding the cheapest possible price!

Buildings Insurance

Everything you'd expect from a decent landlords insurance policy, plus:

  • £5,000 of free contents cover.
  • Cover for up to 120 days of the property being unoccupied.
  • Accidental damage as standard, and malicious damage by tenant.
  • Pet Damage (a lifesaver in lettings!)

Rental Insurance

  • Pays all rent if your tenant doesn't. 
  • Pays all legal / court / solicitors costs in getting rid of that tenant.
  • Pays all legal / court / solicitors costs if you sue your tenant for any other reason.
  • Pays the rent after an eviction (75% for 2 months).

These policies are available to Belvoir landlords only. Further details can be obtained from our office.

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