Belvoir Hull advice for buying or selling during the festive season

Belvoir Hull advice for buying or selling during the festive season.

Many people feel that trying to move house before christmas is a big mistake!. However this is no longer the case, people have more time and the motivation for change in the new year.

Make your property visible online: If you decide you are going to sell your home over the chrismas period ensure that it is listed on the main property portals for example Rightmove. People have more free time over the festive season to browse, Rightmove has a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ policy during the festive season this means you can click on a relevant property however no viewings etc will take place until the new year. Most people once christmas day and boxing day are out of the way they look for a new property ‘new year,  new start’. Rightmove say that their busiest day is boxing day as soon as everyone has eaten all the leftovers from christmas day they seem to go house hunting.

Winter weather: Spring is a popular time to sell, However winter has its benefits too. Sometimes stepping into a bright cosy home from the cold of the winter can have the same positive effect as a bright summers day. Viewing a property in the winter when the nights are drawing in not ideal for viewing especially on a evening if you have been at work. Try and view properties in day light during the winter months as you don’t see the full potential of a property in the dark.

Motivated to move: People that are wanting to move December and January are usually motivated and committed to moving quickly so make the most of the opportunity. If there is a property for sale over the festive period it may of been on the market for sometime or new, meaning the sellers are very eager to secure a sale giving the buyer a huge advantage of bargaining with the price.

Thinking of photography: If your thinking of making the most of the christmas attention think ahead and ensure the photographs are taken before the christmas tree goes up. 

Ready for the new years rush: As the new year arrives there is always a rush to sell properties, so putting your property on the market in December gets you ahead, When potential buyers are browsing online for potential properties on boxing day to view in the new year. Your property has more chance of getting seen as there are fewer properties for sale over the festive period.

The property market is still active over christmas: Take our word for it people do still look for a home to move into even right up to christmas eve. so don’t delay call Belvoir Hull today to get your market appraisal done and get your home listed for sale on the market.

If you are an investor and would like a second opinion on a property you have seen, you can send the URL of the property to us via email Alternately you can call our office on 01482 322300 or pop into our office and have a chat, the kettle is always on and we will even pull out the biscuits!

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