Does a Greenhouse Add Value to my Home? 4 Benefits of Having a Greenhouse

Homebuyers in the UK are becoming more and more drawn to sustainable communities to live in and research has shown that over 90%[1] of UK homebuyers think sustainability is important in determining whether a community is right for them.

With this in mind, if you have a greenhouse, you may be wondering, “Can a greenhouse add value to my property?”.

So let’s explore whether a greenhouse has the potential to add value to your property and discuss the benefits of having a greenhouse in your garden when selling.

Does a Greenhouse Add Value to a Property?

In short, yes, a greenhouse can add value, but only in that, it can potentially make it more desirable to some buyers. It will also depend on several factors, including what type of structure it is, its condition and the area you live in.

When valuing your property, an estate agent will likely consider these elements when it comes to the value of your greenhouse:

  • Whether it’s a solid construction
  • What condition it’s in
  • How appealing it looks, i.e., does it match the general landscaping of the property or stick out like a sore thumb!
  • Whether it requires regular maintenance and how expensive that maintenance is
  • Whether it uses energy to heat

Depending on these aspects, it’s possible that a greenhouse can add some value to a property, but it’s not guaranteed. The best way to figure out how much value it can add is to get a personalised home valuation from a local estate agent.

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4 Benefits of Having a Greenhouse When You’re Selling Your Home

While it’s not guaranteed that having a greenhouse can add value to a property, there are some benefits to point out to potential buyers when you’re selling.

1. Enables Veggie-Growing!

Naturally, having a greenhouse enables you to grow fruit and vegetables. For families or buyers interested in sustainable living, this could be a highly attractive feature of your property.

2. Extends the Growing Season

Having a greenhouse means you can grow more for longer. That’s why, for buyers that love gardening, a property with a greenhouse can be more desirable than one with only a vegetable patch.

3. Provides a Family-Friendly Activity

Growing vegetables in the garden can be a family-friendly activity for parents to enjoy with their children. If you’re selling a family home, a greenhouse could be viewed as a great feature for potential buyers.

4. Appeals to Sustainable Buyers

With the number of buyers looking for sustainable homes growing in the UK, having a greenhouse enables people to live more eco-friendly lives by growing their own produce. This could make your property with a greenhouse more attractive than one without.

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