11. Gardening and External Upkeep

As the tenant of your new rented home you are responsible to maintain the front and rear gardens. Obviously if you live in a property with no private garden this does not apply as the local authority or management company maintain communal grounds.


You may be provided with gardening tools and a lawn mower – which will be listed on your inventory. If there are no gardening tools and lawn mower provided you must purchase your own items and are of course entitled to take these with you as and when your tenancy ends.


Maintaining your garden includes:

  • Cutting lawns
  • Weeding flower beds
  • Cutting back bushes / shrubs from pathways
  • Keeping large bushes and trees trimmed back
  • If you are a dog or cat owner keep the garden free from their mess !!


Helpful tips:

Lawn mower blades become blunt and may need replacing during your tenancy every now and then – these can be purchased from any large DIY store.Your local council operate a garden waste collection service.GUTTERINGKeeping gutters and outside drains clear is also your responsibility. Two to three times a year – especially during Autumn and Winter when leaves are falling – clear your gutters upstairs and downstairs as leaves and debris often collect and stop them from working effectively. Also clear leaves from large outside drains.     

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